1. Rick O'Shea, DA and professional idiot

Seriously, who agrees to take a serial killer on a field trip? Rick O’Shea, that’s who. In his tireless and somewhat foolhardy pursuit of political office Rick forces Bosch to escort Raynard Waits to the site of his claimed crimes. At the end of the day we can only assume that O’Shea will look out for his political career first…


2. Raynard imitates the great Houdini

It was obvious that Raynard was up to something, but a grand escape seemed unlikely with Bosch around. It all goes pear-shaped when Waits pulls a fast one with an officer’s gun, killing one investigator and injuring another before making a remarkably effective getaway, not before gunning-down a civilian for his truck.


3. Bosch wears the blame

And who else but O’Shea would attempt to turn the blame onto Bosch, when it was O'Shea himself that commanded Raynard’s shackles to be undone. What Rick doesn’t know is that the police have a copy of the whole incident, caught on camera and exonerating Bosch.