27 Aug 2015 - 10:21 AM  UPDATED 27 Aug 2015 - 10:21 AM

1. A classic case of misdirection

Samuel Delacroix reveals that he didn’t commit Arthur’s murder, after Bosch confronts him with a new theory based on sexually-explicit photos of Samuel and his daughter, Sheila. While Sam still wants to falsely confess, Bosch’s sense of justice simply won’t allow it.


2. Being a father is hard

Bosch travels to Las Vegas with the initial intention of spending some quality time with his daughter, Maddie, but arrives with an ulterior motive. After being reprimanded for teaching Maddie how to shoot (which she is remarkably adept at) Bosch implores Eleanor to look into the Raynard Waits case. She surmises that the twisted killer has entered his endgame.


3. A new player has entered the game

Arthur’s childhood friend, Johnny Stokes, emerges as a person of interest in the Delacroix case but he’s not keen to cooperate. He bolts as Bosch attempts to bring him in, only to be cornered by Brasher in a parking garage. A gunshot rings out and Bosch stumbles on the wounded Brasher and Stokes still against the wall. With Brasher in hospital and Stokes in custody, the case is set to take an interesting turn.