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1. A window into the mind

In the aftermath of the showdown with Waits, Bosch recalls the incident to a psychiatrist. Bosch uses an analogy consisting of the human spirit being a fight between two dogs, and while Waits thought he and Bosch were alike, he ultimately fed a different dog than our hero. Bosch maintains that Waits committed suicide by forcing his hand, just so Bosch would have to carry that weight.


2. Deplorable reasons

Bosch finally solves the mystery around Arthur Delacroix’s murder, realising that Stokes was the right suspect all along. As childhood friends Stokes desperately desired Arthur’s prized skateboard, and with greed blinding reason the crime was committed. A life snuffed out over a skateboard…what a waste.


3. A father's prerogative

Stokes is unable to be charged as he was a minor when the crime was committed, to Bosch’s astonishment he is released. The next morning Bosch is called to Stokes’ apartment building, where Edgar explains that Samuel Delacroix has shot Stokes to death, citing that he ‘did what Bosch couldn’t do.’