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Presided over by quizmaster Dr Susan Carland, SBS documentary series Child Genius follows Australia’s cleverest 7 to 12 year-olds and their extraordinary families as they compete for the title of Australia's brightest child.

Child Genius Season Two

Presented in association with Australian Mensa, Child Genius provides unique insight into the joys – and challenges – of parenting a gifted child.

Well, a new batch of pint-sized professors is. We speak to the show's creators to find out what’s changed in the new season.
Dr Susan Carland returns to the unique series that celebrates Australia’s next generation of leaders and thinkers.
They're the next generation of leaders, thinkers, artists...and impeccable spellers. All exceptionally clever, each with their own story to tell.
Going behind the scenes with the super smart kids and their proud parents.
We talked to the 'Child Genius' host about competition, bad TV and what she learned from 19 of the smartest kids in Australia.
"Maybe it’s cruel as a mum, but I want him to experience [failure]." Jessica is right; failure is a vital life lesson.
Dr Susan Carland is one half of Australia’s most recognised Muslim couples, and contrary to what many may think, she converted to Islam long before she married...

Gifted kids

Celebrating the brilliant minds and amazing memories of Australian children.

While many parents would think having a gifted child is a blessing, for Tennille Smith the financial burden and concerns for her son’s education caused upheaval.
Gifted students represent 10 per cent of the student population, but they are falling through the educational cracks according to some experts and parents.


What happens when a kid is labelled gifted and are we doing enough to help them reach their potential?
I was still shy and apprehensive, but I felt like I had finally found my people.
When we devalue Asian children and their intelligence, we tell them that it is impossible to be Asian and creative, Asian and a writer, Asian and comedic.
Parents who want their teenagers to excel at school should let them play challenging online games to improve their maths, reading and science skills but tell them...
There are just so many things to be angry about as a parent. My children never know where their shoes are. We’re always late. Every day, bath time is a battle....

... and the issues they face

Looking at the lives of gifted children.

"Maybe it’s cruel as a mum, but I want him to experience [failure]." Jessica is right; failure is a vital life lesson.
What’s going on here with these little human calculators? Plenty under the surface, it seems.
Accountants, engineers and teachers make up some of Australia’s Mensa members. But a cartoonist, a potter, a special effects makeup artist, a train driver and a...
James is a cheeky primary school-aged kid with a passion for solving Rubik’s cubes.
Like a round peg in a square hole, Eva was unable to cope with spending her school day with children who had a vastly different set of cognitive needs.
For mother Larnie, having two certified geniuses as children isn't a matter of luck.
"These beautiful children have to be congratulated for their show of support for each other!"