Season preview
Starts 17 November

This new documentary series uncovers the daily challenges of life for the millions of people receiving welfare payments.

Changing views

Author and TV personality Julie Goodwin, NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong and journalist Caleb Bond find their ideas challenged in this new series. 

Three well-known and very different Australians go on a journey to gain insight into the world of poverty and disadvantage facing those on welfare.
A new three-part documentary series reveals that, for families struggling to make ends meet, daily life is a delicate balancing act.
The Greens MP is one of three Australians featured in ‘Could You Survive on the Breadline?’
Need or want to give help? This is a list of essential support service and organisations working across multicultural, charitable and First Nations groups.
New three-part documentary series ‘Could You Survive on the Breadline?’ premieres at 8.30pm, Wednesday 17 November on SBS and SBS On Demand.

Challenging times

It's tough to make ends meet when money is scarce. 

When you think of poor Australians, do you picture highly-qualified academics with three degrees and teaching jobs? In these cases, you should.
“Going without food is not a choice for Australians who are food insecure. This is what they are being forced to do to survive.”
The number of people seeking assistance from The Salvation Army has increased six-fold between November 2020 and January this year.

On Insight: 'Hungry'

Why are more people experiencing food insecurity?
While some people are more likely to live in poverty, the scary reality is that poverty can happen to anyone.