Fancy yourself an amateur Sherlock Holmes? Can’t resist a crozzle? Been hiding the fact that your guilty pleasure is a good conspiracy theory? DIG is the murder mystery your super-sleuth alter ego has been waiting for...
25 May 2015 - 9:58 AM  UPDATED 2 Jun 2015 - 4:53 PM

1. Three words: murder, mystery and intrigue

Who doesn’t love an international conspiracy theory, ancient prophecy and murder investigation all rolled into one, suspenseful 10-episode package?  DIG will keep you on the edge of your seat (often with a furrowed brow), trying to guess how it will all end. 


2. A damn fine cast

How’s this for a list: Breaking Bad, Big Love, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Black Hawk Down, Flight of the Conchords, Girls, Harry Potter. That’s just the shortlist of previous work the cast of DIG have been involved in. Impressed? You should be.


3. Homeland, Prisoners of War and Heroes

Co-creator Gideon Raff is the genius behind Prisoners of War and Homeland. While co-creator Tim Kring, is the brains behind Heroes. Those are some serious runs on the board.


4. A tour of Jerusalem

Travel can be great; it can also be expensive and exhausting (see: delayed flights, hours spent in transit, airport food, lost baggage). We invite you to board the comfort of your very own couch, bed or chaise lounge at home. Sit back and relax while DIG shows you some of the most spectacular sights of Jerusalem. Soak up the scenery while you’re taken on hair-raising chases through the bustling streets of Jerusalem – see the city from every angle.


5. Josh

This kid (artfully played by Zen McGrath) takes the definition of creepy to new heights. Enough said. Watch it and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. *shivers*


DIG premieres Thursday 9.30pm on SBS ONE.


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