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1. Golan finally believes Peter!

Golan and Peter discover that Emma was paid to set Peter up. She was told to dye her hair red and say things that would catch him off guard. After the night they met she was taken captive and has only just escaped. The man Eli who had confessed to Emma’s murder later turns up dead in his police cell.


2. Charlie's dead

Debbie hatches a plan to get Charlie back and keep Joshua out of Billingham’s clutches. She arranges a hostage swap but then Joshua reveals she has rigged him up with homemade explosives. They initially drive away but Charlie is shot and their car flips. Faye gets Joshua again but Debbie escapes. And gets a gun.


3. The video

Gregory Donaldson’s mysterious key turns out to be for a safety deposit box. When Golan opens it he discovers a VHS tape. When he watches it with Peter and Emma they find it was recorded by a man John Donaldson, who made an extraordinary archaeological find only to have it threatened by a secret society - the Order of Moriah. Emma discovers that John Donaldson was linked with Professor Ian Margrove and another archaeologist Isaac Zohar.


4. Shem the Essene

We first met the bald member of the Essene sect in Croatia when he was stalking Avram and the red heifer. He posed as Avram’s pickup but when Avram began to suspect something Rabbi Lev advised him to kill him. Shem escaped and took Red with him. Most recently Shem showed up in Jerusalem and rescued Peter just as his life was in danger. Who is this guy?