10 Jul 2015 - 9:07 AM  UPDATED 10 Jul 2015 - 9:07 AM

1. Oh no, Debbie!

There really is no redeeming Joshua. Debbie is slain at his hand. But she did get to go out with a bang. She reconnects with her mother on the phone. She goes on a badass raid of the compound in an attempt to rescue Joshua. But he slits her throat and calls up Pastor Billingham to tell him the job is done.



2. Crazy runs in the Donaldson family

Peter, Golan and Emma get a tip from John Donaldson’s former colleague Isaac Zohar about the rivalry with Professor Ian Margrove. Peter and Emma discover Donaldson’s old office which is connected to a system of ancient tunnels.


3. Lynn is marked for death

Lynn follows the path that Yussuf took to sneak into the embassy and finds herself in Ambassador Ridell’s office. Listening in to a phone call between Ridell and Rabbi Lev she discovers that they believe she knows too much and her fate is sealed.


4. The Essene are new allies

Peter and Emma follow Golan’s directions to the Essene’s cave where at first it seems like they are in danger. But then a bigger threat arrives - Rabbi Lev’s men trying to recapture Red. In the crossfire Peter is shot.