24 Jul 2015 - 9:06 AM  UPDATED 24 Jul 2015 - 9:06 AM

1. The Order of Moriah wanted to rebuild the temple.

The prophecy called for a High Priest to sacrifice an unblemished red heifer and issue in Armageddon. Pastor Billingham supplied the High Priest, Joshua, and Rabbi Lev the heifer, Red, but when Billingham thought he could replace Joshua his time was up. Billingham also smuggled explosives into the country in his books and the dam was rigged up in order to flood the city. The explosives go off but due to Lynn convincing the Israeli Minister the “Armageddon Protocol” was enacted and the flood averted. In the confusion Avram stole Red away from the sacrificial ceremony.



2. Margrove wanted the treasure.

He was allied with the Order but only to serve his own greed. He was working with Emma to ensure that “the Armageddon Protocol” was triggered and the treasure revealed.



3. Rebecca wanted revenge.

But Emma wasn’t Emma. She was Rebecca Donaldson and held Margrove responsible for her brother’s psychosis and her father’s death. She finally saw the end of Margrove but she wanted more - Peter. And Peter wasn’t going to have any part of it.



4. Gideon bought the cows.

In the most satisfying conclusion Avram found a good home for Red where she wouldn’t be found or harmed. Trivia: DIG co-creator Gideon Raff also didn’t want to see the cows that played Red slaughtered after production was over so he bought them all and found them nice homes!