30 Jul 2015 - 6:44 PM  UPDATED 30 Jul 2015 - 6:55 PM

Who can enter?

All secondary and combined schools Australia-wide are eligible. The workshop is suitable for students in years 7-12.

What will the school selfie entail?

An acclaimed ACP photographer will immerse himself in your school community over a two-day period providing a fly-on-the-wall snapshot of what makes your school special. The visit will culminate in a half-day student workshop. NB: The photographer and assistant are experienced educators and are certified to work with children.

What will the student workshop entail?

Focusing on what their school means to them, students will learn techniques and tricks to create images that tell a story and go beyond the usual snap-shot. Acclaimed street photographer Marco Bok and emerging photo-artist and tutor Benjamin Stone-Herbert will teach students to explore composition, light and scale to produce images worthy of publication in an SBS online gallery curating work from this project. Students are encouraged to continue to practise their new photographic skills with today’s most accessible camera, the mobile phone (outside of school hours, of course)!

How many students can join the workshop?

Up to 30 students

How will the photos be used?

The photos taken by the professional photographer and the students will be exhibited at the ACP in Sydney during the month of November 2015. They will also be curated into an online community gallery on the SBS Learn Hub after its launch in November 2015. Consent must be obtained from parents/ staff before the School Selfie visit can take place.


The ACP photographer and tutor will spend two days at your school between 14th September and 23rd October. SBS will liaise with schools to find a suitable date within this period.

What does your school need to provide?

The ACP photographers are looking to capture your school in its natural state; they will therefore cause minimal disruption during their visit. Subject to the number of students enrolled, one or more teachers will need to be present during the workshop element of the visit.

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