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Belarus's IVAN will sing 'Help you fly' at SEMI-FINAL 2 of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.
Chris Zeiher

7 Apr 2016 - 5:06 PM  UPDATED 15 Apr 2016 - 2:47 PM

Beware the gigantic ginger-haired Belarussian’s baying at the moon. Hirsute Alexander Ivanov will be representing the Eastern European nation of Belarus with his guitar-driven “Help You Fly”.  This semi-soft rock number, complete with wolf bays, is a surprise grower and Ivanov or IVAN is a mesmerising presence on stage. 

And if rumours are to be believed then this young man may just be performing his number in the buff

NSFW: Belarus entrant IVAN sings NAKED onstage with live wolves
Footage has emerged of Belarus's 2016 Eurovision entrant rehearsing in the nude, accompanied by live wolves. Will IVAN actually be allowed to get away with this at Eurovision though?

  IVAN better strategically place those tresses to get through the European censors; a mane that beats out Poland’s Michal Szpak for best hair in Semi Final 2 but only by a follicle.       

Watch IVAN's official video for 'Help you fly':

Four Questions with IVAN

What are the most interesting aspects about your entry?

I will have long hair as before and this is the most important aspect for me (jokes). I also want to mention a mystical atmosphere in my show and the fact that there will be one unexpected character except me on the stage. Just wait and see!

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

The first fact is my height. The second one is my stylish hair. I don’t know if these facts are impressive enough, but I like licorice so much. Northern countries always attracted me, and winter is my favourite season. In fact, I have never thought about a singer’s career, I took guitar classes and dreamed of becoming a guitarist but failed.

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

I don’t want to unveil all secrets, but I can tell about one talisman. I have a coin of Alexander the Great, my brother's presents, that I wear on my neck.

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

It's crazy to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest! Sometimes I wake up in the morning, do my normal daily routine and the thought strikes me suddenly like a bolt of lightning: "I am going to the Eurovision Song Contest! I can’t believe it! It's so cool!" Speaking seriously, I should say that the Eurovision Song Contest is very important for me because it is a great professional experience, it's a splendid opportunity to become friends with artists from different countries, it’s a chance to perform at the huge event and it’s an opportunity to share emotions and feelings thought my song with millions of viewers.

Watch IVAN's video interview:

The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on SBS’s Eurovision Weekend - Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Grand Final Sunday 15 May, 7.30pm on SBS, with LIVE early morning broadcasts from 5am on Wednesday 11, Friday 13 and Sunday 15 May.

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