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Germany's Jamie-Lee will sing 'Ghost' at the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.
Chris Zeiher

7 Apr 2016 - 4:59 PM  UPDATED 15 Apr 2016 - 2:58 PM

Germany was rocked by controversy earlier this year after they were forced to dump their internally selected contestant Xavier Naidoo from representing this European powerhouse due to previous work contacting homophobic and politically insensitive lyrics.  

The German telecaster scrambled and re-configured their Unser Song Fur… format - from which youngster Jaime-Lee Kriewitz emerged successful.  

Another of the copious amount of The Voice alums, Jamie-Lee will bring the bittersweet “Ghost” to Stockholm accompanied by some twisted Tim-Burtonesque styled staging.  

Jamie-Lee could easily be mistaken for Lena’s little sister and this great choice for Germany should avoid a repeat the “nul point” result of 2015’s effort.  

Watch Jamie-Lee's official video for 'Ghost':

Four Questions with Jamie-Lee

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

I think I come across as quite authentic. The scenery in this environment is also quite striking: I really wanted to express the atmosphere of my song through images whilst keeping it totally minimalistic. I don’t think that there has been an artist with a similar style at the Eurovision Song Contest, yet. I believe it is the whole package that convinced the public to choose me.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

What makes me interesting is that, although I do have a crazy style, there is nothing vulgar nor provocative about me and my art, as people might expect. I am rather reserved. I enjoy what I do very much. I love to practice; many think that kids my age aren't hardworking enough or have very little ambition. I also find myself quite funny! (laughs)

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

Before a show, I always speak with my coach from The Voice of Germany, Michi Beck, in order to calm myself down. I get terrible stage fright every time, doesn't matter whether I'm performing in front of two people or 200! So Michi convinces me and tells me that I should not worry. His voice relaxes me. Michi and Smudo gave me a Team Fanta pendant for the semi-final of The Voice and it has become my lucky charm. I will wear it as well for the Grand Final in Stockholm of course!

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

It is a huge honour for me to have been chosen to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest and to represent Germany in Stockholm. This participation is an amazing opportunity for me to allow people to get to know my music. Music is my life, it has always been my dream to perform in front of a large audience.

Watch Jamie-Lee's video profile:

The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on SBS’s Eurovision Weekend - Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Grand Final Sunday 15 May, 7.30pm on SBS, with LIVE early morning broadcasts from 5am on Wednesday 11, Friday 13 and Sunday 15 May.

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