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Croatia's Roko is dreaming of Eurovision glory for Croatia.
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12 Apr 2018 - 3:55 PM  UPDATED 5 May 2019 - 5:37 PM

Roko became nationally recognised in 2011 through Croatia's Got Talent, and came second in another big TV talent show in 2018. Roko was mentored during the series by Jacques Houdek, a member of the jury and Croatia's 2017 Eurovision Song Contest entrant ('My Friend'). Jacques is one of the writers of Roko's song, The Dream.

The Dream

English, Croatian

I have a dream
A dream as beautiful as it is extreme
I know it's not as crazy as it may seem
So I don’t ever wanna give up on this dream

Open your heart
And you'll arrive at where the dream has to start
To pull a world together out of the parts
And turn this war into a hopeful work of art

We have lived the darkest night
Waiting for the day
Now the time for us is right
To arise and say

I dream of love
You dream of love
Angels of God
We all dream of love
We all dream of love

Svijetu nisi dužan ti
Ništa donijeti
Jedino si čovjek kad
Možeš voljeti

Kao heroj
Kao heroj
I moj i tvoj
Ljubav je heroj
Ljubav je heroj