Artist/dancer/composer Conan Osiris will represent Portugal in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with a self-composed rant about mobile phones, 'Telemoveis'.
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15 Apr 2019 - 12:29 PM  UPDATED 15 Apr 2019 - 12:29 PM

Conan Osiris is the artist name of 30-year-old Tiago Miranda. He will sing for Portugal at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Conan was born in Lisbon on 5 January, the same day as Hayao Miyazaki, the animation movie director that created 'Future Boy Conan' from where Tiago took inspiration for his name. The other half of his name, Osiris, comes from Egyptian Mythology from the symbol of rebirth and resurrection.

The self-taught dancer, songwriter, composer and producer also worked at the most iconic sex shop in Lisbon, prior to composing a song for Festival da Canção, Portugal's national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Telemóveis ('Mobile phones')

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I broke the cell phone
Trying to call heaven
To find out if I kill 'saudade'
Or if I'm the one who dies

Who kills who, who kills who, kills? 
Who kills who?
I don't even know
When I find out I won't call anyone else

If life calls, if life sends a message,
If life doesn't stop and you don't have the courage to pick up
You already know what will happen
I’ll come down my stairs
And I’ll ruin the cell phone
The celli
I‘ll break the cell phone
Yours and mine 
And I’ll ruin the cell phone
I want to live
And to wreck the cell phone

What if I break the cell phone?
I only break what’s mine
Let's see if 'saudade' dies
Or if in the end I'm the one who dies

Who kills who, kills?
I don't even know
Snitchery never gave birth to anyone

I used to break cell phones
But I will never break mine again 
I know that 'saudade' is dead
It was me who shot the arrow

It was me who shot the arrow
It was me