Before you watch this year’s Contest, here is everything you need to know…
Chris Zeiher

18 May 2015 - 11:23 AM  UPDATED 18 May 2015 - 11:34 AM

1. Headphones are the new black


Slovenia’s solid indie pop effort 'Here For You' is a big fan favourite this year with many hoping that husband and wife pairing Maraaya can claim the top prize and take the contest to Ljubljana in 2016.  Sultry lead singer Marjetka will be wearing headphones during the performance citing that it “makes her feel like she’s in the studio” – um... okay... either that or it’s great product placement. Expect to see several audience members brandishing the adornment.


2. Frock me!

With SO many ballads in this year’s competition it was always likely that 2015 would be the “year of the frock” as a voluminous gown is the obvious accompaniment to belting out a big tune. With so much fabric on-stage it’s inevitable that there will be a fashion misstep where one or two frock calamities will occur come broadcast time.   Expect The Netherlands’ Trijntje Oosterhuis to send Twitter into meltdown with her strangely strangled buxom ensemble – get hashtagging #boobexplosion.


3. Russian Gaga - the dark horse?


Russia’s Lady Gaga... that is model/actress/presenter/singer Polina Gagarina... has proven to be the big bolter in the betting odds post the first round of dress rehearsals. Putting politics and the hard to swallow lyrics aside, the Russian ballad is easily the best on offer from the ladies this year and expect to see 'A Million Voices' floating around the Top 5 come the Grand Final.


4. Call the (fashion) police

Fortunately for all of us this year’s contest will kick off in perfect Eurovision style with Ukrainian youngster Eduard Romanyuta representing Moldova. He’ll “want, want, want” his way around the stage accompanied by a couple of bike pant wearing policemen and one inappropriately dressed policewoman delivering a track that could easily have been lifted from “Best Hits of 2006”.  Bravo! Douze points. 


5. The hills are alive

The competition hasn't been hosted in Austria since 1967 and its return to Vienna has been embraced by all across the Central European nation. The Wiener Stadthalle stage has proven to be a massive talking point and promises to deliver a knock-out punch for both the viewing and attending audience.


6. Holding out for a hero

If the bookies are correct this year’s glittery top prize will be held aloft by a bloke. The odds are suggesting that it’s tights at the top where Sweden, Italy and Australia will probably fight it out for the winner’s trophy - all of whom have male representatives. Belgium’s Loïc Nottet and Azerbaijan’s Elnur Hüseynov can’t be discounted and either lad could easily sneak a surprise victory. 2016 could see us in Stockholm, Rome, Brussels, Baku or...


7. Amplemann

Bravo Austria – the Viennese capital has transformed 47 of its pedestrian crossing lights to represent straight, gay and lesbian couples celebrating the diversity of the audience attending the event.  The lights will remain a fixture of the city until June.


8. Conchita!


She conquered Copenhagen but can our bearded beauty deliver one of the toughest jobs of the event... gulp... hosting this year’s Green Room?  Whatever the outcome expect her to look incredibly fabulous during her crosses and regardless the reprise of her winning entry 'Rise Like a Phoenix' will be sure to bring the roof down.


9. Eurovision sweeps

If you draw either Portugal or the Czech Republic in your Eurovision sweep (get yours in the SBS Party Kit) you may want to plumb for another dive into the sweepstakes barrel! This year’s Portuguese entry has some of the worst odds in Eurovision history (500/1) and the Czech Republic has the worst historical results of any country participating in Vienna. Remember there’s always 2016. Drink.


10. Can she do a Conchita?

From the moment she won her ticket to Austria beautiful Bojana Stameov of Serbia was always going to be an audience favourite with her big deceptive ballad of empowerment (wait till the audience hears that beat kicks in). Could she be this year’s Conchita and come from nowhere to claim an unlikely victory for the Balkan nation? 



Semi-Final 1 Friday 22 May | Semi-Final 2 Saturday 23 May | Grand Final Sunday 24 May