Guy Sebastian is set to do us Aussies proud on the international stage at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but an integral part of any successful performance is not just the performer’s musical chops, but their outfits.
Genevieve Dwyer

22 May 2015 - 11:15 AM  UPDATED 22 May 2015 - 4:10 PM

Guy normally keeps his on-stage look fairly casual but of course Eurovision is renowned for its fabulously high-camp aesthetic. With a rich history of sartorial flamboyance, we thought we’d help Guy search for some inspiration via the Eurovision costume archives. Here are some looks that we’d love to see him adopt when he takes to the stage for this year’s final in Vienna.


Guy’s Usual Style

Now, nobody’s accusing Guy of not being stylish. He’s a man who knows how to put an outfit together. One thing his look is missing though, is glitter….and feathers….and metallic hot pants. If Guy’s truly going to embrace the Eurovision aesthetic, it’s time to add a little pizazz to his look!


Guy as… Inculto!

Lithuana’s 'Eastern European Funk' entry of 2010 would have to be one of the edgier boy bad performances out there. Not least because at the end of the song they all stripped off their super-tight checked pants to reveal…super-tight sequined hot-pants. We’re sure Guy would pull this look off with aplomb. 


Guy as… Miro!

Shirtlessness and glitter are two major Eurovision costume attributes that are used significantly throughout the competition and we think it’s a look that Guy should really take into consideration. In this instance, it’s the look worn by the 2010 Bulgarian entry, Miro, who performed 'Angel si ti' complete with plentiful angel wings and hot-pants. As Guy hails from Down Under, where shirtlessness is almost compulsory during summer months, we think it could be the perfect ambassadorial look for our Aussie contender.


Guy as…!

We don’t know if anybody can carry off the ‘Super Gipsy’ look as well as the Czech Republic in their 2009 entry, but Guy is certainly our Aussie Superhero for flying the flag in the world’s greatest song contest. Perhaps the most deserving look for him then could only involve spandex and a cape!


Guy as… Babushki!

Russia’s 2012 entry made headlines around the world as they eschewed glitz, glamour and even youth with the Buranovskiye Babushki. The traditional baking grannies of Udmurtia didn’t need any silver spandex to make their mark, opting instead for the traditional costumes of their region. What could the traditional regional costume of Australia be? Tracky-dacks and thongs? Perhaps not glam enough for Vienna! If all else fails, we think Guy looks adorable in this traditional Udmurt garb, so perhaps he can borrow an outfit from the Babushki!


Guy as… Jedward!

There’s few in the world that can carry off these super-high hairdos like Ireland’s repeat entry Jedward… except maybe troll doll figurines! Surprisingly though we think the towering blonde ‘dos of the Irish identical twins look pretty fab on Guy. He is, after all, no stranger to big, bold hairdos himself, having first leapt to fame on Australian Idol with a very impressive afro!


Guy as… Zdob și Zdub!

With their towering gnome-like hats and a fairy on a unicycle, no one could accuse Moldova’s repeat entrant of being wallflowers! Their 2011 costumes certainly made them stand out from the crowd, and perhaps just such a bold statement is what Guy needs to make as the lone Aussie amidst the crowd of European entries. 


Guy as… Lordi!

Finland’s 2006 heavy metal rockers Lordi were one of the more controversial winners of the competition, defying the conventions of what had gone before. They were truly unique though and perhaps Guy could take some inspiration from their slightly terrifying look. We think it’d be a shame to hide that smile with Lordi’s monster masks though!


Guy as… Conchita Wurst!

Austria’s 2014 entry Conchita blew the competition out of the water last year by fearlessly defying convention, being herself and looking as well as she sounded, stunning in a full beard and ball-gown. Perhaps if Guy took a leaf out of her book he could win the whole competition this year, just like she did? 

Hmm, while we’re sure Guy would look lovely in a frock though, we think there’s only room for one Conchita Wurst in this competition! Sorry Guy. 



Semi-Final 1 Friday 22 May | Semi-Final 2 Saturday 23 May | Grand Final Sunday 24 May