Here’s our breakdown of Guy’s greatest moves that we will hopefully see onstage in Vienna!
Genevieve Dwyer

23 May 2015 - 9:30 PM  UPDATED 23 May 2015 - 9:32 PM

Eye-catching on-stage choreography is of course an essential element for any Eurovision pro. Fortunately, Guy’s already got quite a few signature dance moves stored up in his bag of tricks.


The 'slow-mo walk towards the camera'

This move could be a hard one to replicate on stage at Eurovision as it’s broadcast in real-time, so Guy and his back-up dancers will just have to do their best pretend slo-mo walk instead.


The 'step-sit'

Guy pulled this move onstage back when he first shot to fame with his fro on Australian Idol, for his all-important finals performance of 'Angels brought me here'. He’s still doing it now though – such as in his more recent for 'Like a Drum'.

Guy’s so down to earth. He sits on steps - just like us!


The 'sky-point'

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Something has definitely caught Guy’s eye up in the sky because he likes to point up there A LOT.


The 'here is the church, and here is the steeple'

Pointing features heavily in Guy’s dance-move repertoire, but this important variation features pointing with two hands AT ONCE – often while clasped together. Hence, the reference to that childhood rhyme, “Here is the church, here is the steeple. Open the doors, and see all the people.”


Pointy fingers everywhere!

Not all pointing needs be skyward, to get Guy’s moves, you can point at the camera, off camera, at your friends, at other people, or just at nowhere in particular.

In fact, Guy is so enthusiastic about pointing that he even got it to rub off on his friends – such as frequent collaborator Lupe Fiasco.


The 'nuh-uh!'

A common move used by both bad-arse rappers and cranky mothers telling off their toddlers, this is also an essential dance move employed by Guy Sebastian. To be fair, he is father to a toddler, so it is perhaps also a move that he employs at home. 


The 'invisible basketball throw'

Guy’s got amazing basketball moves – at least, when there’s only an imaginary basketball involved. 


The 'chin-wag'

Another move that dates back to Guy’s Australian Idol  days but is still very much in use is the chin-wag aka “the thinky-pose”. To replicate, one must briefly cup ones chin. Is it to indicate thoughtfulness? Is it to impersonate a male model? Perhaps we will never know. Just behold it’s wonder.


The 'head clasp'

Is he exasperated? Is he relaxed? Or is he just doing elbow stretches? You decide!


The 'sprinkler system'

Guy’s starting deploying this move in some of his more recent clips and it looks like a pretty fun and liberating move – it’s also not dissimilar to your average suburban rotating garden sprinkler system.

It’s also a move that’s been utilized in Eurovision in the past – particularly by British entrants Scooch for their aeroplane-themed song 'Flying the Flag’ in 2007.


The 'chest tap'

It’s simple, it’s emotive and it’s a classic for good reason. Guy is rather fond of this move and few can pull it off better than him!



What moves will Guy pull at the 2015 Eurovision Grand Final?


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