The Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, or, "the night Australia, and a sexy Swede with some animated gnomes, got the world dancing"!
Chris Zeiher

24 May 2015 - 9:31 PM  UPDATED 30 Apr 2020 - 4:10 PM

1. Guy The Great

All of Australia agrees we want to “live tonight again”. Our Guy Sebastian proved that the Aussie inclusion and participation in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest was a resounding success. Guy wowed the Vienna crowd with his “uber-cool” dancing and flawlessly delivered licks. The street-scape staging and perfectly timed fireworks delivered the desired punch and all of Europe (and Australia) are now asking the question - will we be invited to Sweden in 2016? The experiment worked so let’s hope they vote YES!


2. Swedish Supremacy

From the moment he won his ticket to Vienna, via the Swedish selection competition MelodifestivalenMäns Zelmerlöw and his animated friends quickly found themselves hot favourites and likely winners. With pin-up boy good looks and charm in spades, Zelmerlöw delivered consistently night after night and, in the end, his catchy 'Heroes' easily secured a 6th victory for Sweden over the delightful Polina Gagarina of Russia. The new super-power of Eurovision is Sweden and expect the Scandinavian powerhouse to go all out in 2016 to win back to back competitions.


3. Cold Reception 

Yes, we know it’s a song contest but it’s impossible to take the politics out of Eurovision – that’s part of what makes it so interesting. Neighbours will always vote for neighbours (unless they’re at war) as their musical affiliations and histories are intertwined – no sense booing that. We expect the Scandinavian, Baltic, Eastern European and Balkan nations to vote for those nearby but at the end of the day good songs always rise to the top. It’s unfortunate that Polina Gagarina of Russia was booed during her ride atop the scoreboard – this should have been her moment to shine – and Conchita’s quieting of the crowd during her green room cross was handled brilliantly. However, the Russian voting presenter did “Mother Russia” no favours with the Viennese crowd with his unnecessary ad-libbing.


4. Flying Wurst 

Conchita is “Unstoppable”! The flying Wurst sang, strutted and joked her way back into viewing publics hearts and proved that her personality, as well as her singing prowess, has made her a star. One of the few winners of the contest who’s really understood the opportunity the prize presents, Conchita milked every moment of the 60th Anniversary presentation. Mäns may have had to prise the glittery trophy from her paws but no-one can deny that the young Wurst was as much a star this year as last.


5. Null Points x 2 

The Austrian press are calling it a catastrophe, the German press are equally unimpressed and the Eurovisionatics were running to their history books to find out when the last double bagel was recorded. It may have been tight at the top for a time but it was also crowded at the bottom of the board. Every nation fears the dreaded Null Point, especially a host nation, and not even a flaming piano could bring in 1 point for Austria. Maybe Germany’s Lena and Austria’s Conchita should consider a return to the contest in 2016.


6. 12 Points Go To... Australia! 

What a historic moment when Australia received our first 12 points…and from winner Sweden no less. And that was not the last time we were to hear those magical words “and our 12 points go to... pause... Australia!”. Thank you to both Austria and United Kingdom (delivered by Nigella no less) for your voting support. We hope to see you next year.


7. Sweet Singing 

Two of the more diverse and powerful songs from this year’s contest, Latvia’s 'Love Injected' and Belgium’s 'Rhythm Inside' proved that good songs delivered by powerful singers will be rewarded with points regardless of borders. Belgium super sexy Loïc was rewarded with a Top 5 finish and Latvia’s hypnotising Aminata scored a very respectable 6th placing.


8. Gay Christmas 

The Eurovision Song Contest has become affectionately known as “Gay Christmas” with the LGBTI community embracing the competitions themes of equality, inclusiveness and tolerance. And supportive Vienna paid this loyalty back in spades celebrating the community with same-sex “Ampelpärchen” or pedestrian signals which drew positive worldwide support and attention. And with the successful Irish same-sex marriage laws being passed on Eurovision eve it was like all the LGBTI communities Christmases had come at once.


9. Twitter Meltdown

Over 6 million tweets were recorded during the contest’s live screening sending Twitter into meltdown and creating a record for the contest. #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #BuildingBridges


10. This is Portugal Calling... 

One satellite malfunction is unfortunate but three! Talk about building the tension Vienna – well done to the presenters from Portugal, Estonia and Georgia who handled the return from their blackouts with aplomb.


11. Big Is Not Always Best

Is it time to retire the “Big 5”? That’s the big debate currently circulating amongst critics and fans of the contest with GermanyFranceSpain and the United Kingdom all featuring at the wrong end of the scoreboard again. Watch this space!


12. Our 12 Points Go To... 

And one of the other stars of the evening was the fabulous Lee Lin Chin who, after a less than stellar rehearsal, delivered Australia’s first ever votes at the Eurovision Song Contest to rousing and spirited applause…and our 12 points went to deserved winner Sweden.

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