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Let’s hear it for the Boy! 2016 promises to be a Manfest in Stockholm.
Chris Zeiher

20 Apr 2016 - 11:35 AM  UPDATED 20 Apr 2016 - 11:46 AM

It’s often said that copying is the sincerest form of flattery.  So, in a bid to mimic Sweden’s success from the 2015 contest (eg handsome himbo singing accessible pop accompanied by amazing visual effects), many of the competing nations in this year’s glitter-fest are sending blokes to represent their home nations in a bid to win the world’s biggest song contest.  

Baltic Beefcake

The beautiful Baltic nations select their representative(s) for the contest via televised internal competitions and co-incidentally this year each nation will be sending male soloists to Stockholm.  Fortunately, each is offering us a differing musical dish.  Lativa’s Justs, who’s quite fancied by the bookies, is all about stripped back electro-pop and great jackets whilst the heavily tattooed Lithuanian Donny Montell has opted for an accessible radio friendly ditty minus the Swarovski crystal encrusted blindfold of his 2012 effort. 

But it’s handsome as hell Estonian Jüri Pootsmann with a voice as potent as a dram of expensive single malt whiskey who may upstage them when hits that stage with his James Bondesque theme “Play”.   Hit Play.  Hit Play.  HIT Play!

Cuter than your local barrista

It’s all about super toned pecs and abs for Russia who are sending frequent shirt-remover, Sergey Lazarov to Sweden.  The Russian triple-threat is certain* to reveal some flesh at a critical moment of the staging of his effort “You Are the Only One”.   

 *not certain but hopeful

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Fancy a Frenchman?  It’s all about cheeky grins and clapping hands for France this year where charmingly roguish Amir will attempt to win us over one grin at a time.  His entry, “J’ai cherché”, happens to be the French’s best shot at triumph in decades.


Hirsute Honeys

And it’s not just powerful pecs and cheeky smiles heading to Stockholm in May there’s some serious heads of hair on route too.   For my mind best locks will come down to two nations – Belarus and Poland.   Could IVAN the Belarussian with the flowing ginger tresses pip Pole Michael Spzak’s wild rocker wave for the winning mane?  Australia – you decide.


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Saccharine Sweethearts

Danish biscuits are delicious and the cardboard cut-out cuties from Denmark’s Lighthouse X triple the sugar overload at the contest this year.  But don’t stress if you’re all “I Quit Sugar” as for every boy band in this year’s contest there’s a man band lurking in the wings.  And the edgier look from the crew of Cyprus’ Minus One is the perfect antidote to the perfect pretty boy preening from the Scandinavians.


Swedish Belieber

Move over Biebs there’s a new teenager in town who’s set to send teenage girls across Australia and Europe into a frenzy.  At the tender age of 17 Frans Jeppsson Wall (now referred to as simply Frans) surprised many a more fancied contender to win Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s internal selection contest, to win the chance to represent the Scandinavian powerhouse in Stockholm.  And the youngster is more than just flippy-floppy hair, H&M styling and forlorn looks his song “If I Were Sorry” sits as the second favourite to win the entire shebang.  

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