• Alex Zabotto-Bentley on his way to Eurovision. (Source: azbcreative) (Instagram)Source: Instagram
Alex Zabotto-Bentley is a style director for the Maltese Eurovision performer Ira Losco and he's on his way to Stockholm now!
Sarah Norton

2 May 2016 - 4:27 PM  UPDATED 2 May 2016 - 4:31 PM

Alex Zabotto-Bentley is an Australian former fashion editor, menswear designer and now event creator.

He was approached by the Maltese Eurovision creative director, who asked him to be part of their international creative team. Zabotto-Bentley said yes and then took his time getting to know performer Ira Losco so he could design the best outfits for her and her performance.

“Part of being a style director, is to really connect with your client,” he tells SBS Maltese radio host, Joe Axiaq.

By getting to know the Ira, Bentley says he could then design her stage performance in great detail.

“It will be something so beautiful, so dramatic; I’ve worked on so many projects and this is really outstanding,” he tells Axiaq.

Zabotto-Bentley owns a creative company called AZB Creative. His company has worked with Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and other big name performers. So he understands that 80 per cent of costume development is in the research and design.

“It’s not about putting a dress on our performer. It’s as important as the song because visually it has to enhance that performance to a level that is other-worldly,” he tells Axiaq.

Zabotto-Bentley did a lot of research at the beginning when his Eurovision journey started a few months ago. He says he really had to understand what the song was about and become familiar with what Ira had done in the past.

“You really need to set the bar higher than anyone else has, and I think Malta had a great foresight in finding people that understood stage direction, creative direction and style direction…our whole focus is creating something that’s just – that people have never seen before,” he tells Axiaq.

Listen to some of his interview with SBS Maltese radio.

Zabotto-Bentley only worked with Australian, or Maltese Australian designers. He looked at what other countries had created and took inspiration from the Malta terrain, where the film clip was shot.

“It’s not just a person standing on stage singing an amazing song. It will be something really beautiful,” he tells the radio host.

“It’s not just the stage, it’s what her look is from the beginning to the end.”

Check out the official film clip for Ira Losco's song 'Walk on Water', featuring Alex's styling work, below:

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