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When the scariest day of the year coincides with the most snazzy
Peter Taggart

5 May 2016 - 4:46 PM  UPDATED 6 May 2016 - 11:35 AM

In 2016, the most frightful day of the year – Friday the 13th – happens to coincide with one of the most joyful – the first Eurovision semi-final. Still unsure whether you should save the date to strap on your Jason Voorhees hockey mask or tease your hair toward to the heavens?

If you’re a little bit alternative-country and your mates are a little bit deathrock n’roll don’t fret, there’s great fun to be found in stitching together your Friday the 13th spookfest and your Eurovision rave. Mash them into one monstrous bash that both Mary Shelley and Mary Spiteri would be equally proud of.

Here are a few suggestions for the ultimate blood-and-ballads party mash-up:

Take Another Bite Of Cezar

Back in 2013, one of the most memorable Eurovision contestants was a tall, dark and handsome Romanian named Cezar. Cezar was a trained opera singer, a pianist and, very possibly, a vampire.

Cezar had it all – the looks of a glam pop blood-sucker AND the singing voice of Kathy Najimy in Sister Act. Despite an enthusiastic social media response, Cezar missed out on a Top 10 placing, which can only be attributed to extreme prejudice toward the undead.

On Friday the 13th, why not have your guests arrive to a custom Cezar playlist – starting with his glass-shattering cover of Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’:

Play A High Stakes Round of 'Lorde or Lordi?’

Lorde and Lordi - one of them is an indie Queen turned mainstream who could be spotted in Taylor Swift’s squad, the other is a Eurovision-winning heavy metal band from Finland who you’re more likely to see in Beelzebub’s “squad” in the fiery pits of hell. But which is which? Quiz your guests on their Lorde/Lordi knowledge (Which had a brand of Cola named in their honour? Which drew lyrical inspiration from Walt Whitman?) and the winner receives a midnight tour of their local graveyard (which both Lorde and Lordi seem like they’d be totally down for). 

Hold a Seance

If childhood sleepovers taught us anything, it’s that seances are always fun and very successful and rarely does anyone freak out and call their mum to come and pick them up. You never know who you might meet during a call to the other side – they could make or break your party! Model Courtney Stodden recently took to Twitter claiming she had successfully reached late Prince of Pop Michael Jackson during a seance, who made her aware of his presence by lighting her hair on fire. As you do.

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While MJ may not be contactable, there’s certainly some grateful Eurovision winners whose careers could be raised from the dead. Not naming any names.

Invite Your Nearest Wolf Man

Belurus’ 2016 entrant Ivan has now been spotted singing to wolves (mind the nudity) and nursing wolves in his Eurovision postcard (no dancing with wolves?). Ivan says the animal has a ‘special meaning’ to him – a symbol of his deep connection with nature. The bottom-line is Ivan is mad for wolves and if he turns up to his semi-final as a wolf, at this point, who will possibly be surprised?

Check out the shirt he was wearing when he bumped into our Aussie team in Stockholm:

In anticipation of Ivan’s Eurovision debut, take a risk and invite your neighbourhood wolf man around for cheese, a possible mauling, crackers and an evening of Europe’s finest musical acts.

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