How much do Aussies really know about Eurovision's host country, Sweden? Comedians Peter Taggart and Jocelyn Seip have a look at famous Swedish places and really try (and kinda fail) to explain them.
Peter Taggart, Jocelyn Seip

5 May 2016 - 3:59 PM  UPDATED 5 May 2016 - 4:46 PM

Sure we’ve all heard of Ikea and ABBA but Sweden is more than the sum of it’s many parts put together with an allen key. Here's some places you may not know.

This is a primary school that got a bit too much funding from the Swedish government. Those things at the front are totally touch screen whiteboards for the neutral Swedish learning we did not get in Australia.

This looks like a cross between Federation Square, the MCG and a Westfield. I see the word 'Universeum' which might make one think this is either a university or a museum. Both red herrings - this is actually the birthplace of the universe.

This is a theatre exclusively made to show the 2008 cinematic masterpiece that was Mamma Mia! It plays on a constant loop all year round and tickets are sold out for every show. Those Swedes LOVE ABBA.

Ah, the famous Christmas tree emporium. Look at them all, stunning.

This is the factory where they make the Swedish meatballs for all the Ikeas in the world. (related note: what is the plural of Ikea? Ikei?)

This was once a famous church but now it is definitely an Apple Store.

The home of the famous Skarsgård family. They were all born here and they will all die here too. It’s like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but not as terrifying inside. 

This is where Alicia Vikander lives.

This is another Ikea, obviously. 

This is Alcatraz, this picture is in here by mistake.

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