If you want your vote to count towards the official outcome, you have to stay up. Sleeping is cheating!
Jocelyn Seip

6 May 2016 - 10:38 AM  UPDATED 6 May 2016 - 10:38 AM

Stockholm is eight hours behind Australia, and if you want to be awake to vote like a committed fan you’re going to have to get up or stay up. Here’s a 12-step program to make it count, not fall asleep and help Dami Im bring home glory.


Step 1.

Invite people who will only judge the contestants, not you. You don’t need any Eurovision haters in this sacred (sleepy) place.

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Step 2.

Coffee. Instant, drip, iced, it doesn’t matter just have lots of it. You don’t want to fall asleep before the weird stuff happens. If you don’t drink coffee, tea also has HEAPS of caffeine in it. Drink every half an hour or until you can’t blink anymore.


Step 3.

Food. You’ll want stuff you don’t have to fiddle about with, it’s really late (or really early) so you won't be as skilled in the kitchen as you normally are. Put some Swedish meatballs in the oven if you’re feeling fancy but nothing is wrong with party pies and sauce!

Step 4.

Have another coffee

Step 5.

Charge your phone. You can’t possibly tweet or vote with a dead battery.

Step 6.

Do some stretches to wake yourself up. Do some star jumps and touch your toes so you’re not asleep by Finland, there’s a lot of songs to sit through

Step 7.

Take a five minute power nap when things get slow. Sometimes ballads are the perfect lullaby.

Step 8.

Time for an outfit change. It’s not Eurovision without multiple costumes and just because you’re in your pyjamas that doesn’t mean you can’t be flamboyant and over the top too. Channel your inner Conchita...or Jedward.

Step 9.

Write down your favourites as they perform. There’s 43 entrants this year and you won’t remember them all without some careful note taking between songs. This will make voting so much easier

Step 10.

You guessed it. More coffee.

Step 11.

VOTE. Vote. Vote again. Use those skills you honed in the early 2000s when you used all your phone credit to vote for your favourite Australian Idol contestant and text in your favourite country (because remember you can't vote for Australia).

Step 12.

Collapse and sleep for the rest of the day. You’ve had a tough time, you earned this sleep. Then you can get up and do it again for the second semi-final and the grand final. Now you’re a true Eurovision fan.


The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on SBS’s Eurovision Weekend - Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Grand Final Sunday 15 May, 7.30pm on SBS, with LIVE early morning broadcasts from 5am on Wednesday 11, Friday 13 and Sunday 15 May.

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