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See all the best and worst dressed from the opening ceremony red carpet at Eurovision 2016.
Chris North

9 May 2016 - 11:18 AM  UPDATED 10 May 2016 - 11:36 AM

Best Dressed

Australia 8/10

There’s no bias here because with a simple and elegant Carla Zampatti dress, Dami Im showed she is made for this. She was bright, effervescent and screamed enthusiasm for the fans and press. The dress emphasised all of this, without the ostentatious rhetoric! Yay Dami!

After the red carpet, Dami then went on to make a surprise appearance for fans at the Euroclub wearing yet another incredible outfit that you may recognise from her SBS Eurovision campaign.

See a glimpse of her performing below:

Russia 7/10

Sergey Lazarev is just a classy looking bloke in a suit. So why’s it worth a 7? Simple. He is super smooth, and probably looks just as good at 5am as he did at 5pm. Why doesn’t this guy have his own brand of memes on the net?

Netherlands – 8/10

The world isn’t ready for Douwe Bob. Probably because for this 23-year-old, the world still has Leonardo Dicaprio in it. The Dutchman polished off his best clogs and with a simply elegant smoking jacket and bow, he left a trail of gasps and broken hearts. Let’s hope he makes it into the Final.

The in-betweeners


Nicky Byrne. This guy loves Aussies. His best mate lives in Perth. And it was probably there that he picked up a jacket that looks like a silk screened version of one of those ‘lone wolf on the rock giving inspiration’ posters you find at a $2 shop. Let’s hope he can exchange or return within 30 days.


Their artist Samra (pictured here with France’s Amir) is a little pocket rocket. But when it comes to her dress sense we get the feeling this one was dusted out of the school play. She must have been channelling her inner Ieprechaun. Unfortunately, no rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of this one.

Worst dressed

Belarus 5/10

Just remember IVAN is the same guy who wants to stage the show in the nude surrounded by dogs. It was a straightforward outfit of crushed linen, a la Gold Coast 1995. When asked how long he took to do his hair he replied “awwooooooooooooo”. That’s no joke.

Croatia 5/10

One reporter was trying to describe it and couldn’t, so it became “Nina and the snake coil”. This outfit requires a very special taste. And if you look carefully you’ll probably see the make of the car, just behind the exhaust pipe.

Iceland 4/10

Greta Salome is lovely, and colourful and has such great personality that it’s any wonder she wore this outfit. It just didn’t work. Part lace, part work boots and part shorts. Let’s call it ‘inappropriate funeral chic’.

Israel  3/10

Israel’s Hovi Star doesn’t just live up to his name. This guy is his own nebula. With extra points for make up, if this was a Halloween party you’d be hard pressed knowing if it was Robert Smith from The Cure or Edward Scissor Hands. The redeeming quality is his quick wit. One Euro rookie asked him “Is Eurovision about fashion?”. Fair enough question too. But the Israeli ode to Oscar Wilde replied “this must be your first Eurovision”.

Switzerland 2/10

Rykka turned up on the carpet, and not everyone recognised her. With a brand new hair do and a shawl that looked like it could have been a pot scrubber in a previous life, the silver fox was rumoured to be wearing a new avant-garde designer. The truth eventually came out. She made the outfit herself out of old emergency blankets.

OK then...

Here’s the top 2!

The Worst...

Germany 2/10

You’d be right in thinking that Jamie-Lee from Germany is confused. She’s swapped the dirndl for a k-pop inspired look. It’s not pretty. She looks like a toilet brush that got wrapped in party popper confetti. In fact, if this was a kid’s party, and she was the cake, it would just be confusing. Because really, she’s the pinatta.

The Best

Czech Republic 10/10

Gabriela Guncikova has an air and grace about her that makes you think she’s royalty. She wore a straight white, body firming Victoria Beckham dress with clean lines and no fancy overheads. This is the stuff red carpets are made of. And if anything it sends a wake-up call to the other Eurovision countries to bring your A-Game to the carpet. You’re on show, it’s “time to put the best foot forward”, she said. “I love Victoria Beckham’s elegant dresses and shapes and how she shows body in a very elegant way”.

Check out more of the red carpet looks below.


Malta’s Ira Losco

Finland’s Sandhja

Sweden’s Frans

Check out more images of Dami at the red carpet event below:

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