• Dami Im performs at the Australian Embassy Party at the Euroclub in Stockholm (Photo by Rolf Klatt for SBS) (SBS)Source: SBS
The Aussies were in the house overnight at the pimped-up Euro Club - which served as the venue for the Australian-Embassy-sponsored showcase of our self-confessed "daggy" diva Dami Im. Already her goofy charm and effervescent personality that has all of Sweden and Europe scooping our Dami into their collective hearts.
Chris Zeiher

10 May 2016 - 1:07 PM  UPDATED 14 May 2016 - 7:07 PM

With Stockholm in the midst of a mini-heat wave (it’s been over 25 degrees for several days in a row) the City is abuzz with all things Eurovision and tonight Dami Im took centre stage to a 300 strong crowd specially invited socialites, ex-pats, movie stars and of course members of the #damiarmy. 

This was the perfect showcase for Dami to demonstrate her prowess on the piano and to answer some questions from the adoring crowd.

“I’m not a cool person” Im admitted between giggles. 

“I’m so daggy and I’m so clumsy” she confesses.     

She then went on to say “when I was asked to do Eurovision I did not realise that I had to do all these extra things than sing” referencing the much-talked-about staging of “The Sound of Silence”.   

See all the photos from the party below: 

Im then confessed that she had a small wardrobe malfunction in one of the recent dress rehearsals where her stunning designer dress began to tear.

All of Euro Club gasped in astonishment. Im cracked another goofy laugh and confessed “but, we’re working that out”.  

Introduced to the crowd by the Australian Ambassador to Sweden, Gerald Thompson, Im was referred to as an amazing talent and an incredible representation of the power of immigration. A point not lost on this European crowd.

Before performing two songs, Im made a gushing dedication to her husband Noah, her parents (who had just flown in to Stockholm that afternoon) and all her fans.

She said “I’m representing Australia.  You don’t understand how grateful I am for this opportunity”. 

And to endear her to the audience just a little bit more she dedicated her entry to all the “dags out there” which was met by a chorus of Oi Oi Oi. Fitting really.

Im then took to the piano to showcase two songs, a rousing rendition of “Bridge over Troubled Waters” and then a stripped back, torch-song version of “The Sound of Silence”.

Watch her stunning acoustic performance below:


The theme of the evening was “What Makes You Smile?” and on a Monday night on a balmy evening in Stockholm the collective answer to that is Dami Im.

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