When you've hosted Eurovision for over seven years, you learn a thing or two. Australia's sweetheart, Julia Zemiro, shares her tried and tested tips to making it through Eurovision season emotionally and physically unscathed.
Shami Sivasubramanian

12 May 2016 - 10:44 AM  UPDATED 12 May 2016 - 11:29 AM

1. Don't let the pressure of Eurovision get to you.

Even if you're not competing in the contest, the big stages, the strobe lights, and the early morning live-viewings  can get a little overwhelming.

But for Julia, who is Australia's reigning queen of Eurovision, the pressure must but unfathomable. But it's not.

"I'm very delighted people see me as that. But there are people out there who know way more about Eurovision than I do," she says.

But if ever the nerves kick in, Belgium's 2016 entry will serve as a welcome reminder. 



2. Rise above the inevitable awkward moments.

When you're halfway across the world broadcasting internationally, it's easy for your words to get lost in translation. But when awkwardness strikes, Julia knows to keep her cool and just laugh it off.  Case in point: when Julia referred to the Eurovision viewers as "ladies and germs", at 2016's Semi Final 1. Though it's a common turn-of-phrase used cheekily in lieu of "ladies and gentlemen", Sam pulled her up on it crying, "Germs?!" They both laughed it off, of course!



3. Stay in touch with your Eurovision friends.

With themes like 'Come Together' and 'Building Bridges', it's hard not to make friends at Eurovision. But Julia finds it's just as important to keep in touch with them year after year.

"Most of the crew is the same each year, so you end up seeing the same faces again and again. It's great!" she says.

One of those long standing friendship is with her affable co-host, Sam Pang.

"And working with Sam year after year is amazing! He is hilarious. I love working with him because we bring very different things to the show."



4. Always pack the essentials.



"Where ever I travel to I always take a travel coffee plunger," says Julia. "It's made of metal. I even pack my own coffee grounds, it's from my local cafe called Rush."

Even in a country like Sweden, which drinks the most coffee per capita in the world, Julia takes no chances.

"It's just first thing in the morning, to wake me up. So I can have it in my PJ's before I get out of the hotel room."

Julia's lucky that this year's contest is set in Sweden where taking a coffee break or 'fika' is a really big deal. Our contestant Dami gave it a go. Check it out below.

Dami Im partakes in local Swedish culture with a 'Fika'
The Aussie diva relaxes and takes time out of her busy schedule to partake in a traditional Swedish ‘fika’.


5. Stay humble and grateful

(Getty Images)

"Sam and I first met at The Spaghetti Tree testaurant waiting tables. We became friends there. Then years later he was doing a radio show. And then lo and behold we both got the same job for the Eurovision Song Contest," Julia shared, remembering just how different things had been a long time ago.

It's also all about being grateful for every year she gets to host.

"Well you never know. It's year by year at the moment," she says, reflecting on the ever-changing nature of the media industry.



6. And remember, there is no such thing are being too obsessed with Eurovision.

"I love Eurovision and I love hearing songs in different languages! It's a dream job!" says Julia. "I get to go to a beautiful country every year. I really look forward to May every year."

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