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It's official! The resaults from the SBS Prime Time Renault Rater are IN. Unsurprisingly, Australia's favourite performance from the Grand Final is .... Australia! This was followed close behind by Bulgaria and Belgium.
Genevieve Dwyer, Chris Zeiher

15 May 2016 - 9:52 PM  UPDATED 15 May 2016 - 9:55 PM

Remember, this is not the official Eurovision vote - which only takes place during the LIVE 5am Broadcasts on SBS, along with all the other participating countries.

In the official vote, participating countries can't actually vote for their own country - but on the SBS website, we want you to decide Australia's favourite - and the outcome is clear!

Australia came in first with a rating of 93% and was followed close behind by Belgium with 84% and Bulgaria with 81%.

See who Australia picked as their favourite in the OFFICIAL international vote from the live early morning broadcast here

See how the rest of the artists stacked up in the Aussie vote below:

Read more about the rating and voting rules and how they work here. 


Australia: Dami Im - 'Sound of Silence'

This is the first year Australia has had to fight its way out of the Semi Finals in order to qualify for the Grand Final, which is daunting for any nation.

Dami Im is a superb choice to take on that formidable task with her Fairytale backstory that Europeadored ; teaching herself English from pop songs of the Spice Girls etc. 

Watch Dami's Grand Final performance of 'Sound of Silence' below:

Belgium - Laura Tesoro - 'What's the Pressure'

Belgium’s flame-haired Laura Tesoro delivered a disco-licious pop-funk number in Stockholm hoping to replicate her home nations Top 5 finish in 2015.  

It comes as no surprise that Tesoro played Annie on stage but the 19 year old brings as much white-girl funk as she possibly can to this annoyingly upbeat entry. Her vocals are reminiscent of Sweden’s Robin in tone but the moves and beat are far more Bruno Mars - think Uptown Funk. The surprise packet of Semi 2. 

Watch her performance here:

Bulgaria: Poli Genova - 'If Love was a Crime'

Poli Genova could be described as a minor Eurovision celebrity having already represented Bulgaria once at the 2011 contest.

Recent viewers may also be familiar with her as the enthusiastic host of last year’s Junior version of the contest staged in the Bulgarian capital Sofia which featured Aussie Bella Paige among the competitors.

There’s no surprise that there’s a lot of buzz around this Balkan gem as it was the last of the 43 songs to be unveiled. It would be criminal if this entry was left incarcerated in the Semis.  

Watch her performance here:

Watch all of the country performances from the Grand Final here:


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