SEMI FINAL 1: Uzari&Maimuna from Belarus will perform 'Time' at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest held in Vienna, Austria.
23 Apr 2015 - 3:39 PM  UPDATED 20 May 2015 - 10:10 AM

Another duo? Yes, but this one has a twist. The Belarussian entry is comprised of Uzari, male pop vocalist/composer, and Maimuna, classical violinist, who will arrive in Vienna with a dramatic pop anthem 'Time'. This is one of the best Belarussian entries in many years and we’re expecting the stage to be set alight with fire bursts as Maimuna reaches a crescendo on her violin. 'Time' should romp into the final and could possibly give Belarus its highest finish in the contest to date.  The violin alone will be worth votes when it comes to the Grand Final.  


Spoiler: Watch Belarus' Semi Final 1 performance below



3 Questions with Uzari&Maimuna

What are your proudest achievements?

Maimuma earned the coveted First Violin role in the Presidential Orchestra, but thinks that her children (Diana, five; and Philip, eighteen months) are her proudest achievements.

Uzari loved karate and football at school and eventually had to make a serious decision: music or sports. He doesn’t regret the path he chose, but is glad that he still had the fitness to run 20km per hour during the making of the film clip for Time.

Do you have a lucky routine before you go on stage?

No, because neither of us want to rely on luck. Hard work, a great team, and passion for what we do and being hugely grateful to be in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is enough, but a big group hug certainly helps!

What is Eurovision for you?

It is quite simply - the world’s largest live entertainment event, watched by millions not just in Europe but around the world. Not only is it a chance for us to represent Belarus, but also to meet other performers and enjoy every single moment.


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