SEMI FINAL 1: Daniel Kajmakoski from F.Y.R. Macedonia will sing 'Autumn Leaves' at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest held in Vienna, Austria.
23 Apr 2015 - 3:39 PM  UPDATED 20 May 2015 - 10:19 AM

Winner of the Skopje Festival, the F.Y.R. Macedonia’s National selection for Eurovision, Viennese resident Daniel Kajmakoski has opted to sing his entry in English rather than his native tongue. Reminiscent of last year’s Montenegrin entry a self-assured Kajmakoski could surprise the Vienna audience with his raw and emotional ballad and land a place in the Grand Final. Having failed to qualify for the final since 2012 F.Y.R. Macedonia will be hoping 'Autumn Leaves' will resonate with the voting public and reverse their recent fortunes.


Spoiler: Watch F.Y.R. Macedonia’s Semi Final 1 performance below



My song Autumn Leaves remains me of…

" first love, brings me back to my first feelings of love, reminds me of my childhood, the place I was born, pure and naive but warm hearted emotion."

My lucky charm is...

"... a picture of my mother which I keep in my pocket. Before I go on stage I cross myself and I kiss it for good luck!"

The Eurovision Song Contest...

".... has always been a fascinating event for me, because through music it unites people but at the same time shows the diversity of nations. I have always had big appreciation for people no matter their skin colour, race, nation, religion or political opinion and the Eurovision Song Contest is the best event ever for showing we are all the same, human people, no matter the country we are coming from!"


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