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Eurovision airs on SBS 7.30pm Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May with LIVE early morning broadcasts on Wednesday 11, Friday 13 and Sunday 15 May.

Get a glimpse at how they put together Dami's incredible staging for the Australian entry of Eurovision 2016.
Dami Im has given an emotional thank you to her fans following a powerhouse performance of her song 'Sound of Silence' at the Eurovision Grand Final in Stockholm...
Dami Im looks like a complete glamazon onstage at Eurovision 2016, but of course she needs somewhere to get ready.
Our Aussie diva, Australia’s best hostess and the unapologetic Toby Truslove delight the #DamiArmy in the heart of achingly chic Stockholm.
The support network of every artist competing at the Eurovision song contest is critical to the performers well-being. And Dami’s gentle ex-servicemen husband is...
Dami Im blew everyone away with her incredible performance of 'Sound of Silence' at Semi Final 2 of Eurovision in Stockholm today.
Dami Im's been at the centre of a flurry of international press attention around Eurovision - and she's handling it like a pro.

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