The Eurovision Song Contest has seen a slew of odd entries over the years containing everything from over-the-top theatrics, hideously themed entries and inexplicable backing routines. Let’s hope the 2015 contest delivers more of the same. Here’s a sampling…
Chris Zeiher

11 May 2015 - 12:51 PM  UPDATED 11 May 2015 - 12:51 PM

1998 Germany: 'Guildo Hat Euch Lieb' - Guildo Horn 

1998 was the year that Eurovision lost its virginity as Guildo Horn changed the face of the contest forever. Never before had the Eurovision stage hosted an act such as Herr Horn. His descent into the crowd where he proceeded to fondle audience members, his striking turquoise suit and the reveal of the most unexpected of accompanying instruments, cow bells, ensured this entry would forever be remembered as one of the strangest moments in Eurovision history. It needs to be seen to be believed.


1977 Austria: 'Boom Boom Boomerang' - Schmetterlinge

Be warned, this Australian themed entry from Austria contains marionette style dancing, spandex suits, potentially some of the worst Eurovision lyrics ever scribed and a leading lady suffering from chronic case of crimperitis – this entry can’t be unseen. "Kangaroo, boogaloo, digeridoo" – yes, these are the lyrics for this entry.


2013 Romania: 'It's My Life' - Cezar

Is it that Cezar appeared to be channelling a sequined Transylvanian prince or was it the colourful suspended icicles or potentially it was the virtually naked backing dancers that emerge from the tracts of waving material that propels Romania’s 2013 entry into notoriety? No, it’s Cezar’s extraordinary voice that ensures ''It’s My Life' went from oddity to extraordinary. And we loved every second... Cezar finished a respectable 13th at the 2013 contest.


2008 Latvia: ‘Pirates of the Sea' - Wolves of the Sea

Latvia’s notoriety for sending the bizarre to the contest paid dividends at the 2008 contest. Their Jolly Roger themed entry actually performed surprisingly well finishing a respectable 12th in the final. The Pirates of the Caribbean has a lot to answer for. 


1979 Germany: 'Dschingis Khan' - Dschingis Khan

Truly outrageous, potentially insensitive and beyond categorisation. The German homage to Ghengis Khan was so well liked in the ’79 contest it finished 4th. Hooo Haaa Hooo Haaa – check out what caused all the fuss in the video above.


1982 Portugal: 'Bem Bom' - Doce

Doce’s costuming has become infamous in Eurovision history. The sequinned cavalier suits are often featured in Eurovision documentaries and although these glittery costumes are fabulous, the song unfortunately is not. Watch the sequinned Musketeers above.


1980 Denmark: 'Taenker Attid Pa Gid' - Bamses Venner

Dungarees – that’s the clothing option decided for the Danish entry in 1980. The jaunty little ditty is sadly overshadowed by the weird costuming and the hypnotising frontman – Bamses. Dane’s wearing dungarees make The Wiggles skivvies look sexy!


2014 Poland: 'My Slowianie' - Donatan & Cleo

Dads and straight boyfriends around the world suddenly sat up during last year’s contest and decided that Eurovision wasn’t that bad after all as a buxom milk maid and a saucy laundry lass sashayed down the Copenhagen stage and sent the audience into a frenzy. A pre-watershed screening of the contest in the UK ensured that the Polish act made front page news all over Britain.  Bravo Poland – this act will live on in Eurovision history clips for evermore.



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