Friday 2 Sep 2016
The winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is officially UKRAINE.
It was a thrilling evening at Stockholm’s Globe Arena where Ukraine's Jamala won the top spot at Eurovision 2016 with a total of 534 points for her politically-charged song '1944'. Australia and our own Dami Im came in SECOND with 511 points....
Sunday 15 May 2016


That's right, they tipped us to the post *distraught face*

But what an amazing Song Contest and congratulations to the winning country for the powerful, peace-advocating track.

And massive props to our very own Dami Im who scored 511 points for her stunning track Sound of Silence. We are crazy proud!

Can you believe it!?! Half the votes have been cast (from the juries) and Dami is dominating!! Australia leads with 320 points!

What would Dami do if she won? "Go and have a lemonade with my crew." Whether that's a Beyonce reference or not, Ms Im we hope you celebrate soon with the biggest soft drink tower!

Australia sits ahead of Ukraine (211 points) and France (148). 

So many nerves right now!

Ahh the nail-biting part of the Song Contest starts... it's voting time! This year, the announcements are a little bit different so first we're hearing how the juries are doling out their douze points. Tele-voting results to come!

First on the line, Austria, gave our very own Dami the big 12 points! Oh and Iceland's speaker was, unexplainedly, holding a cute puppy!

The top scores are being spread around so it looks like this is anyone's game.

Performing a new single on a hover board, last year's Eurovision winner Måns Måns Zelmerlöw demonstrates HE IS A HERO!

If you're playing the Eurovision Drinking Game right now, you're probably on the floor because this year's hosts Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede are demystifying the Song Contest by bringing every cliche on stage! Topless men playing drums! Costume change! Folklore instruments! Little grannies! Scantily clad women! SNOW!!!

Thanks for the explainer, guys. To quote Julia Zemiro: "The United States needed that". 

Best. Hosts. Ever.

Casually walking through the crowds, last year's Eurovision winner and this year's co-host Måns Zelmerlöw happened to bump into... Justin Timberlake! Yep, if you haven't already heard (well, that's impossible), JT is performing in tonight's Grand Final. Perhaps surprisingly, this is the first time Eurovision will be broadcast in the States. 

Seasoned performer JT had a few words for the entrants nervously awaiting voting announcements: "You all represented your countries so very well, and you should all be so very proud!" True dat.


Taking to the stage in his first live performance in two years Justin Timberlake is bringing some American pop flavour to Eurovision! Like the US influence or not (jury's out), his old-school-to-new-school medley makes for memorable entertainment. And our Julia Zemiro is pleased it's not the other Justin. (Bieber, that is.)