Friday 13 May 2016

Boy band alert, Denmark's threesome Lighthouse X are taking their name seriously – popping bulbs in the microphone stands, of course. The hand-holding guys are pretty excitable. Maybe too much for some. To quote Sam Pang: "Where are the live wolves when you need them?" What a kidder!



Looking like she's been experimenting with the craft box (or the Mad Max costume department), Bulgaria's bringing the killer dance moves... oh hello, her knee pads light up! This lady is magical.


Slovenia's entrant wrote this song with her husband and we're picking up on the lurvee... Oh um, is that naked pole-dancing man your husband? Oh, he's not. Love, hey?



Our very own Dami Im is kicking it with the big guns at Eurovision this year dressed in a glittery wedding dress and sitting on the prettiest cube we ever did see. Okay, no dancing. Well Dami doesn't need it! Go Queen D!

Eurovision is full of bangs this year! No we're not talking pyrotechnics, we're talking big-as fringes! Lithuania also has a pretty rockin' song.... THE GUY JUST DID A FLIP! This feels like the birthday party we never had.

The only time F.Y.R. Macedonia made it into the Eurovision finals was... with this lady! No wonder she's back, singing kinda seriously – oh wait, we get it, she's got a BIG voice! Come on everybody, let's sing this one together! "Donna, Donna, Donna..."

Oh boy, it's poppy Mc-Pop! A Former Westlife member, Ireland's entrant is all sun and happiness! For the record Ireland, the mantra "touch who you wanna, kiss who you wanna" won't always work in your favour. 


With her black leather outfit and crew of equally fierce ladies, Serbia looks like she's in it to win it. Or stage a world coup. Either way, #power.