Australian actor Angus Sampson on accents, ice hockey and his experience starring in the second season of Fargo.
Ben Nguyen

16 Sep 2015 - 5:44 PM  UPDATED 18 Sep 2015 - 3:29 PM

Australian actor Angus Sampson has become a fixture of the Australian screen large and small since first appearing as the masked Enforcer on the chaotic mid-Nineties live music show Recovery. He played Effie’s cousin in the short-lived Australian adaptation of The Kumars at No. 42, Greeks on the Roof, and guested a number of times on Thank God You’re Here. On the big screen he’s played the recurring part of a paranormal investigator in the Insidious franchise, appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road and co-produced, co-wrote, co-directed and starred in Aussie crime flick The Mule.


He’ll appear in October as part of the cast of season 2 of Fargo, the acclaimed television adaptation of the Coen brothers’ Oscar-winning original film, and when he recently guested on the podcast Molks TV Talk he shared some details from the shoot.


Sampson spoke about being the only non-American in the close-knit cast and the cultural lessons he learnt on the Canadian locations (doubling for Minnesota and South Dakota) during the four-month shoot from January to May earlier this year. For example, always call ice hockey “hockey” and never call a game a “match”.


He also relied on a dialect coach to ensure he could pull off the series signature accent.


Of the new 1979 set series in which he acts alongside an ensemble that includes Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson, Sampson says “there’s lots of blood, lots of carnage and lots of humour ... It was quite a surreal experience heading into the world of the Coens for four months, but very nourishing”.


On the television series’ creator Noah Hawley: “I can’t wax lyrical enough about him, he’s a novelist, a musician, he’s directing now, he wrote most of the episodes”.


He joked that there may be a smack down between the casts of the two seasons on the cards and gave an exclusive tease that Billy Thorpe may feature on the soundtrack.


Listen to the full podcast below.


Fargo Season 2 premieres Wednesday 21 October 8.30pm on SBS.


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