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Fargo Season two jumps back a few decades to the late 70’s post-Vietnam, post-Watergate American Midwest. Let’s set the scene.
Bridget Ryan

16 Sep 2015 - 6:34 PM  UPDATED 22 Oct 2015 - 11:54 AM

It’s 1979 and you’re in Luverne, Minnesota. Statistically* speaking, the following will apply to you:


You’ll be cold. Really cold. It’s winter and it’s -19°C outside.


You’ll be wishing you could be tucked up at home watching your favourite TV shows – Charlie’s Angels and Happy Days.


You want to be the first of your friends to own a Walkman so you can play all your mix tapes featuring the Bee Gees, the Who and Van Halen. Also the Grease soundtrack but you don’t admit that to most people.


Beautician Peggy Blomquist has recently given you a Farah Fawcett blowout or trimmed your handlebar moustache.

Peggy is nice enough but keeps suggesting you sign up to Lifespring seminars. Apparently “everybody’s doing it”. 


You caught up on your trashy magazine reading at the hairdressers and the blockbuster of the Christmas holidays, Superman, is on just about every cover.


You’re wearing denim on denim and no one is judging you.


You’ll be driving home in your Ford Fairmont.


You think the craziest thing to happen all year will be the story about President Jimmy Carter being attacked by a swamp rabbit that hits all the newsstands. But you’ll be wrong, because Sioux Falls is just 30 miles away and all kinds of crazy is about to go down…

* no empirical research was carried out to substantiate this claim



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