As the anticipation for season two grows, what do we know about this second installment? There will be blood… and snow… and awesome hair.
Bridget Ryan

18 Sep 2015 - 11:22 AM  UPDATED 22 Oct 2015 - 11:53 AM

1. Same world, different story

Like True Detective and American Horror Story, Fargo is part of the new wave of anthology television series. The mood and the tone are inherited, but it’s a new story with new characters. Fargo has wound the clock back to 1979. The creative team have returned, which is great news for fans. For the uninitiated, this is a brand new entry point to enjoy one of the classiest TV shows of recent years. Click here for show creator Noah Hawley’s take on reinventing Fargo for season two. 


2. The Casting Director deserves a Christmas bonus

The cast is crazy exciting (Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson and Patrick Wilson to name but a few) with just about everyone admitting that they signed on to the second season based on the strength of the first. Even the prospect of four months filming in the middle of a Calgary winter with temperatures frequently dropping to -30°C didn’t turn them off.


3. Sioux Falls – what is it all about?

The thing, the terrible thing that happened in 1979, hinted at in the previous season, is finally going to be revealed to us. Remember this little teaser?


4. Who lives to pull on their snowboots next winter?

We know at least two people will survive the inevitable carnage – police officer Lou Solverson (Wilson) and his daughter Molly. Don’t fret - no spoilers there because we’ve already met their future selves in season one. Phew.


5. Ronald Reagan makes an appearance!

Well, the character of Ronald Reagan makes an appearance. The Evil Dead legend himself, Bruce Campbell, is playing RR who will be passing through town on his Presidential campaign tour. So unless history is re-written, we can safely assume he also survives.


6. 1979’s got swag

The clothes, the hair and the tunes are awesome (if you’ve seen the teaser you’ll know what we’re on about). The visual style of season two will also be era-inspired with split screens and freeze frames.


7. There will be motives and motifs…

The cluey viewer may have noticed a recurring fish theme in the last season. Will season two have a similar motif? Keep your eyes peeled Fargo fans.


Fargo continually surprises. What are you hoping for in the next series?



Fargo Season 2 continues Wednesdays 9.30pm on SBS.


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