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Catch up on season 3 of the award wining series.

Watch 'Go Back' season 3

The ground-breaking and multi award-winning SBS documentary series Go Back To Where You Came From returns after three years to once again provoke national debate about...
From the world's largest refugee camp in Kenya, to Za'atari in Lebanon, life inside the camps is something alien to most Australians. Take a closer look.

The Feed Forum

Marc Fennell hosts a special forum episode of The Feed featuring the six Australians who appeared in the award-winning SBS series, Go Back To Where You Came From.
'The Boat' is an interactive graphic novel about escape after the Vietnam War based on the story by Nam Le.

Nicole's Journey

Journey with Nicole from Sydney’s suburbs to Syria to gain a greater understanding of; ...
How much do you know about asylum seekers and refugees?

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Delve Deeper

Explore some of the issues covered in the latest season.  

Some Australians say asylum seekers who arrive by boat are "jumping the queue" by not coming through approved channels. Is this accurate?
The award-winning series is back as the UNCHR releases figures showing a record-breaking number of refugees.
Australia has earned a global reputation for being tough on asylum seekers with its policies on turning asylum boats around and denying anyone who arrives by boat...

Meet the participants

Meet the six Australians who will embark on a journey to see the world through the eyes of refugees, including a former refugee, two sisters with opposing...
Exit Syria is an online documentary that offers an intimate picture of life in Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp – home to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.
Schools Resources

The Go Back To Where You Came From interactive school resources contain tutorials, student activities and teacher notes with background information, facts and statistics.

Refugee and asylum seeker news

The latest refugee and asylum seeker news from SBS News.

Explore the world’s refugee movements in this interactive map.
Far away from the Syrian crisis, Sweden has stepped up to help in a way that stands in contrast to, really, the rest of the world.
Where do those applying for refugee status in Australia come from? And how often are they successful with their initial claim?
Who are the Rohingya people of Myanmar and what is their story?
Syria has become the world's largest source of refugees and Turkey is now the largest host. Find out where refugees and asylum seekers have moved to and where...
A survey by the Red Cross has found that Australians are misinformed when it comes to basic facts on refugees and asylum seekers.
The numbers of refugees and people seeking asylum worldwide is the highest since the era following World War II, new figures from the UNHCR show, while Australia...
A refugee story: The Boat

SBS has adapted the title short story in Nam Le’s hugely acclaimed anthology The Boat for its first interactive graphic novel.  

Take your class on an interactive journey aboard The Boat using the SBS Learn resources designed for English/The Arts years 9-12.

Watch previous seasons of Go Back To Where You Came From and latest news on refugee and asylum seeker issues.
What should we do about 'boat people'?

In the last twenty years, sixty thousand 'boat people' have arrived in Australia. How we deal with them when they get here continues to polarise public opinion.

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