Imogen, Allan and Michael visit Dollo Ado Refugee Camp on the Ethopian-Somali border.
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In Clip 6, Imogen, Allan and Michael visit Dollo Ado Refugee Camp on the Ethopian-Somali border. It is located along the major escape route taken by Somalis seeking safety and shelter. Dollo Ado is home to 50,000 Somali refugees.



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Attitudes, Ethics and Citizenship

Question 1

After a one-kilometre journey to fetch water, Hawa and the group are told that there is none. Describe Hawa and Allan’s reaction to this news. How would you react in this situation?

Question 2

While the Australians are in Ethiopia, Hawa has the opportunity to record a message to her cousin Abdi in Australia describing her life in Ethiopia. Write the transcript for this message and describe her journey to Dollo Ado, the challenges she faces there and her hopes for the future.

Question 3

Imagine Abdi’s reaction when the participants return to Australia and he watches the footage of his cousin and her life in Dollo Ado for the first time. Write a description of how you imagine the event. How would you feel if this was a message from one of your family members?



Democracy, Duty and National Values

Question 4

There is often much debate surrounding how Australia’s foreign aid budget should be spent. Construct a survey designed to be completed by those in Dollo Ado in order to understand their most important needs, both short and long term.

Question 5

For most Somalis there is little chance they will be resettled in countries like Australia, and so transit camps such as Dollo Ado become a permanent home. Yet Dollo Ado lacks many things because it is still set up as a place of transition rather than a place of permanence. What could be done by Australian charities to improve living conditions for long-term residents in camps like Dollo Ado?

Question 6

Allan is clearly frustrated by the water shortage in the camp, especially because it has been operating since 2009. This UN report highlights some of the challenges in providing safe drinking water to those in Somali transit camps. Imagine a conversation between Allan and UNICEF as they discuss the water crisis in Dollo Ado.



Human Rights, World Issues and Responsibilities

Question 7

Write a description of Dollo Ado Camp, its environment and the living facilities available to the residents. Explain why these people have no choice but to endure these harsh conditions.

Question 8

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights states the human rights that all people are entitled to. Go to this website and read the 30 human rights articles. Select and record the five you believe are the most important. Do the people living in Dollo Ado camp have these five human rights upheld?

Question 9

From what you have seen in the clip, how do human rights laws help people like Somali refugees? Pick one human right article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that has helped the Somali refugees and write a paragraph about what life would be like if that right didn’t exist.

Question 10

The UNHCR provides a country profile of Somalia that outlines the condition, needs and assistance required to help the population. Read the profile to learn about the situation in Somalia and how the UN plans to help. What are the needs of the people and what are the UNHCR’s planned Strategies and Activities for 2012?


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UNHCR: Crisis in Horn of Africa
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