Meet the six Australians who will embark on a journey to see the world through the eyes of refugees, including a former refugee, two sisters with opposing opinions, a Nauru and Manus Island whistle-blower, a tough talking teacher, and a ‘Stop the Boats’ campaigner.
7 Jul 2015 - 4:21 PM  UPDATED 28 Jul 2015 - 2:39 PM


A former refugee

"I just think that they want to explore maybe the economic opportunities that Australia offers. To me they’re not genuine refugees.”

Davy was born in Vietnam. In 1980 when Davy was a young boy his family put him on a boat to Australia. The trip was a traumatic experience that he has struggled to come to terms with. Davy has since become a proud Aussie and he’s critical of resettled refugees who do not embrace the ‘Australian way of life’.



A ‘Stop the Boats’ Facebook campaigner

“Australia is under attack. We already have the terrorists here. We are already living amongst the enemy.”

Kim believes the Rudd and Gillard governments were ‘disastrous’ for Australia. She is a voracious supporter of the Federal Government’s current border protection policies and administers a ‘Stop The Boats’ Facebook page.



A detention centre whistle blower

“If we don’t shut the detention centres, I think there’ll be more deaths in custody.”

Nicole’s life changed when she accepted a job with the Salvation Army at Nauru Detention Centre. Within 24 hours she asked to be airlifted out, but soon after decided to stay to help detainees who she thought were being treated appallingly. Nicole spoke about conditions on Manus and Nauru before a Senate hearing and now campaigns for the dismantling of the off shore processing system.


Jodi and Renee 

Two sisters with opposing views

“They’re not here to take jobs, they’re here to make our society better” – Renee

“We’ll just be overrun with people from other countries” – Jodi

Jodi (right, above) and her younger sister Renee (left) disagree about asylum seeker issues. Jodi is a strong supporter of the Federal Government’s border protection policies and believes Renee’s expectations for a generous response to refugees are unrealistic and unaffordable. Renee works as a cultural support worker for a not for profit organisation that assists, educates and houses refugees. She specialises in looking after unaccompanied minors who come to Australia by boat.



Tough-talking school teacher

“If you let people settle here, more boats will come. It will happen. It has happened.”

Primary school teacher Andrew strongly supports the Federal Government’s policies on refugees. He believes if Australia lets more refugees seek asylum, their vastly different upbringings and backgrounds may put Australian culture in jeopardy.



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