Are we really the country of the 'fair go'?

'Is Australia Sexist?' is a landmark investigation of Australian attitudes to gender. 

Exposing our bias

The everyday examples that speak volumes.

The documentary 'Is Australia Sexist?' kicks off with the suggestion that Australian society is built on the foundation that everyone gets a fair go. But how much of a...
This girl’s face when she looks at her lolly bag is all of us receiving our pay cheques.
The type of toys we choose for boys and girls can create very limited and damaging roles and stereotypes in the future.
For many women of colour, it's hard to tell where the sexism stops and the racism begins.

Gender in the home

How are Australian families shaping the gender attitudes of the next generation?

A toddler who inhabits a pink and blue world of gender binary absolutes poses a unique challenge to her feminist mother.
Five timeless toys that avoid reinforcing limiting gender stereotypes.
Parents can play an important role in promoting gender equality and building children’s resilience to rigid gender stereotypes in early childhood.
Consider this a warning to men. So men, dear men, the writing is on the wall.
My grandmother made me a feminist but mainstream feminism left women like her behind. But it's not too late for the many women who feel it still doesn't speak to...

Addressing gender inequality

Are Australians walking the talk when it comes to gender equity?

This girl’s face when she looks at her lolly bag is all of us receiving our pay cheques.
One constant in my working life has been the inordinate number of men who hold power over others, compared to women in those same positions.
"We are made numb in pop culture to female bodies remaining background to male-centered action."
Women are more likely to have their sleep disrupted by children and family obligations, while men’s sleep is affected by workplace demands.
Women dominate the arts industry and make up the majority of audiences, so why are so few represented in leadership roles as directors and choreographers?