If she follows this strategy, Bella will clean up in Bulgaria
Genevieve Dwyer

11 Nov 2015 - 3:37 PM  UPDATED 12 Nov 2015 - 2:08 PM

Junior Eurovision is a cut-throat business. Just because the competitors are younger doesn’t mean it’s taken any less seriously than the main adult event in May.

Now this year Australia is lucky enough to send our very own bright young star: Bella Paige to make her (and our) Junior Eurovision debut.

She’s competed before in The Voice Kids Australia, so she’s no novice when it comes to talent competitions. But what are some of the components that Bella could incorporate into her performance to bag us the top spot?

Taking cues from the previous winners, here are some of the elements that could help get her across the line:


Wear a tutu

Look, talent and musical ability is one thing, but also just donning a whole bunch of tulle and channeling your inner ballerina seems to have played a conspicuously significant role among the contest’s previous winners.

Tutus have been featured in no less than THREE winning acts so maybe Bella could take a leaf outta their books.

Candy - 2011, Georgia


Bzikebi - 2008, Georgia


Ksenia Sitnik - 2005, Belarus


Have a cool posse

2011’s winner Candy was all about those girl group vibes:

And even the solo acts know that it helps to have a cool crew up onstage giving their support behind you. Armenia’s 2010 winner Vladimir Arzumanyan got a built-in crew of roadies with his matching back up dancers. They were even in work-appropriate flannelette shirts!

And 2007’s Alexey Zhigalkovich appeared to be flanked by his very own soccer team!

Thankfully, Bella’s already got her posse SORTED!


Be female

The odds are looking good for our Bella as a female entrant - out of all the winners since 2003, it’s been the young ladies who’ve dominated. SEVEN out of the 12 winners so far have been female or featured females in the group.

Bella’s all about girl power too! After all, her official entry song IS “My Girls.”


Have an impressive mane of hair

Look, wind machines are an undeniably essential component of Eurovision and Junior Eurovision alike, so Bella’s lucky she’s already in possession of some long and luscious locks. Hopefully they can help her pull off a look like this:


Anastasiya Petryk – 2012, Ukraine


Incorporate some insane dance moves

2009’s Ralf Mackenbach from the Netherlands had some major breakdancing talent! Could be hard to replicate though…

Bella could maybe take inspiration from the high energy moves of 2005’s Ksenia Sitnik from Belarus who, along with her backup dancers, had some seriously up-tempo moves:


If all else fails, dress as a bee and buzz around on stage for three minutes

It might sound mad, but it works. Check out 2008’s winner Bzikebi from Georgia for the evidence.

Seriously – these guys WON!


Go to www.sbs.com.au/junioreurovision for all Junior Eurovision news, interviews, behind the scenes pics and to follow Bella’s journey in Bulgaria.