20 Aug 2014 - 11:14 AM  UPDATED 4 Sep 2014 - 2:54 PM

Living With The Enemy is a bold and provocative six-part documentary series exploring the fault lines of social cohesion in Australia. Each episode explores a different subject currently dividing Australian opinion by asking people to live 24/7 with others whose lifestyles and beliefs directly contradict their own. 

The cases for and against are argued in the voices of the people involved, in their homes and at their places of work – a gay couple who are engaged to be married live with an Anglican minister opposed to same-sex marriage; a devout Muslim couple live with an Aussie ‘patriot’; a Sudanese former refugee lives with an ultra-nationalist; a former ‘boat person’ lives with a woman who believes he should be deported; a former junkie lives with an old school hippy who has smoked his own body weight in marijuana; a hunter who owns 280 guns lives with a vegan, animal liberationist.

Each pairing has never met each other before they spend ten days together. Five days in one world, then five days in the other. By the end of the ten days each side will have argued their case via a series of immersive situations. Will they find a greater understanding of one another?

Living With The Enemy premieres Wednesday, September 3 on SBS ONE.