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Can eye contact alone heal a broken relationship?

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Brought face-to-face to look each other in the eye without speaking for five minutes, will the estranged pairs decide to reconnect? 

Ray Martin’s experience as host and confidant on SBS’s groundbreaking experiment 'Look Me in the Eye' proved a revelation.
What happens when a unorthodox social experiment sees a former child soldier from South Sudan come eye-to-eye with his teenage prison guard and torturer? Can such...
Pairs of estranged people come face to face in 'Look Me in the Eye'.
One in 25 adult Australians will be estranged from their family at one point, but it’s a issue that’s rarely discussed openly.
Maintaining eye contact for a sustained length of time can be hard – especially with a stranger. How long can you last?
...here's what happened when, out of the blue, he sat down and made eye contact with her.
Just four minutes of direct eye contact with another person is enough to build intimacy with them.

On estrangement...

Exploring a phenomenon that tears apart families and friendships.

Barrie’s life fell apart when his marriage ended and his wife left with their children. Forty years later, he reaches out to his long-lost son.
When Sherrie gave birth to her daughter, her world was turned upside down. Struggling with postnatal depression, she cut off her best friend Bindi. Can they...
Breakups are usually associated with romantic love. But how do we get over breakups with friends or family? Koraly Dimitriadis unpacks this tricky issue.
Is it possible to fix an adult father-daughter relationship after it's been completely turned on its head after divorce?
Can writing a letter mend or hinder a broken relationship?
When families splinter, and members are cut off, secrets, half-truths and sentiment can fill their absence. Unless the questions are asked, and answered, the...
When you’re young, you innocently believe that no force imaginable could ever tear you apart from your friends. And then in adulthood, you realise the truth about...