Rise of the Machines uses stunning CGI animation to explode open the most incredible machines of the modern age, revealing the ingenious inventions and technology that makes them possible.
7 Oct 2015 - 5:19 PM  UPDATED 7 Oct 2015 - 5:19 PM

The Italo AGV - one of the world’s fastest trains – depends on extraordinary technology to race 500 kilometers in less than four hours. In this episode, Driver Gabriele Cicalini pulls out of Venice’s historic train station at precisely 9.55 am. His Italo AGV is the Ferrari of high-speed trains, cutting through the Italian countryside at 300 km/hr. Even with the horsepower of 16 Formula One cars behind Gabriele, arriving on time in Rome will push man and machine to the brink. En route, Gabriele must handle sharp turns, a crowded national rail network and 18-kilometre long tunnels.

At critical moments on the journey, spectacular CGI will prise open the AGV’s aluminum skin to plunge us deep inside her DNA. Exploring the engineering breakthroughs within this 200-meter-long metal bullet will reveal surprising secrets of how the technology evolved, inspired by extraordinary lessons from nature and history.

How did the Super Train’s innovative suspension system evolve from ancient Celtic war chariots? Which material, once used to create deadly cannonballs onboard 18th century warships, helps deliver nine million watts of power to the train’s motors?

Italo’s fleet of 25 super trains – each worth $35 million – has been in service for less than two years. Their reputation depends on arriving no more than five minutes late. Can Gabriele keep deliver his passenger safely and on time?

Rise of the Machines starts 9.30pm, Monday 12 October on SBS.