In a new SBS documentary, 10 Muslim Australians with vastly different views on their faith live under one roof for eight days to explore what it means to be a Muslim in modern, multicultural Australia.

Everyday Islam

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Everyday life

Welcome to the day to day life as a Muslim in Australia.

Having embraced a more fundamental form of Islam as a teen, Aisha Novakovich, 32, has now stopped viewing the world in "black and white".
How do you go from middle-class Sydney kid to wanting to be a soldier for Islam? Irfan Yusuf reflects on the dysphoria of growing up Muslim in the 1980's and why...
Like any mother you want your child to grow up unburdened by the woes of your generation. Since 9/11, Muslim women have been asked to explain events over which...
10 Australian Muslims live together for eight days in social experiment 'Muslims Like Us'. Over two nights - 8.30pm, 21 & 22 February on SBS
'The Lebs' author Michael Mohammed Ahmad wants to reclaim the narrative around Arab and Muslim men.

Challenging stereotypes

There are many ways to be Muslim.

In a faith where dating and cohabitation before marriage aren't commonly accepted, what's it like to be a Muslim woman going through a divorce?
"I feel invisible because I can’t express myself, how I feel, or who I love without needing to defend and explain myself. So, I just keep quiet and unseen."
The program brings together 10 Muslims from across the country to spend eight days living together in a conservative Sydney suburb.
Amal Awad never imagined she would bring home a non-Muslim-but-soon-to-convert-Anglo guy to her parents. She further never envisaged the eventual acceptance of...