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Gold rush mystery

Bold, ruthless and darkly humorous, muder mystery New Gold Mountain brings to the screen for the very first time the untold story of the Chinese miners who arrived in the Victorian Goldfields in their thousands in the 1850s. 

A gold rush mystery

Meet the talented cast at the heart of a murder mystery in 'New Gold Mountain'.

The rising Chinese-New Zealand star enjoyed grappling with the moral contradictions of mining camp headman Leung Wei Shing.
The actor and model relished exploring obscured Australian history, including the role of entrepreneurial women.
The First Nations actress stars in a new series that takes an unflinching look at early colonial Australia.
“In a sense, acting for me kind of embodies the spirit of why they immigrated, to be free to voice things and to take up space.”
Filming in the heat and dirt of Gold Rush recreation town Sovereign Hill made for a remarkably immersive way to find his Irish immigrant character.

A rich history

Discover more about what really happened during Australia's gold rush. 

SBS Learn presents Gold, a rich website highlighting First Nations people and the extraordinary stories of people who came to try to make their fortunes.
Discover what it was like to live as a Chinese miner during the goldrush in the 1800s.
The Kiwi actor of Chinese descent reflects on racial bias and his own identity after starring in the SBS historical drama New Gold Mountain.
While ‘New Gold Mountain’ is a fictional drama, its characters and situations are rooted in a past and a people who are very real.
The Taiwanese Australian director of the four-part historical drama set on the Victorian goldfields wants Australia's textbooks to be rewritten to portray Chinese...
Stories about Chinese miners during Australia’s famous gold rush of the 1850s are often told from a Western perspective. The SBS drama series New Gold Mountain...

Go behind the scenes on 'New Gold Mountain'

Discover the creative triumphs and dusty realities of making this epic historical drama. 

How authentic costumes were brought to vivid life for SBS series ‘New Gold Mountain’.
Come behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew of the epic gold rush drama.
Not even a pandemic could crush this childhood dream realised, as Corrie Chen got to dive into Chinese–Australian history.
Yoson An and Alyssa Sutherland lead a diverse ensemble cast in this new four-part series set in the Victorian Goldfields.