Climb into the boxing ring for new Aussie drama On The Ropes

Fast-paced, compelling and full of heart, the four-part drama On The Ropes airs weekly on SBS at 9.25pm on Thursday nights.

On The Ropes S1 Ep1 - The Fire
Aspiring trainer Amirah Al Amir deceives her boxing champion father, Sami Al Amir, in order to secure her female athlete Jess Connor a pro debut fight. Fearing for Jess’s safety, Sami intervenes and stops the fight, despite Amirah’s continued reassurance that she has it under control. In his haste, Sami hits an official, threatening his boxing licence and livelihood.
  • Series One

Step into the ring

Experience the blow-by-blow excitement of On The Ropes.

This week Amirah does what she has been training Jess to do: keep on hitting.
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This sporting life

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