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Thursdays at 8:30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand

The 10-episode drama series is based on the real life Project Blue Book, a now-declassified series of studies on UFOs conducted by the United States Air Force.

An exploration of UFOs and unexplained phenomena

From 1952 – 1969, Project Blue Book investigated thousands of UFO sightings across the United States.

‘Project Blue Book’ looks at the world of UFO encounters, but with a twist – here, the stories are all real.
Cherry Parker, the first Japanese war bride to come to Australia, had to wait four years before she was allowed to come to Australia. War brides often faced...
It’s based on “true events”, but just how real is ‘Project Blue Book’s shadowy world of UFO sightings and alien encounters?
A trailblazing Indigenous tennis star, Evonne Goolagong is remembered for beating fellow Australian Margaret Smith Court in the first of her two Wimbledon finals ...
Meet the alien hunters and shadowy conspirators looking into the wave of UFO encounters that swept the US in the fifties.
This music had transcended so many cultures, languages and lifetimes – from Vietnam to England to Germany to Australia, 1965 to the 2010s – writing itself into...
Colleano’s Indigenous heritage was unknown to his fans – which included one of history’s most infamous racists.
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