Slow summer | Every weekend this January

Slow TV every Sunday in January with four new relaxingly slow experiences - The Indian Pacific, The Kimberley Cruise, Britain's canals, and a trek from NZ's North Island down south.

The Indian Pacific
Crossing Australia from Perth to Sydney, the pivotal part played by the transcontinental railway line in linking the far-flung west coast with the eastern states is explored, including how the rail impacted Indigenous Australians on the Nullabor Plain, the new colony of South Australia, and the Indigenous trade route of the Blue Mountains.
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Taking it slow

Experience the sights, sounds, and feelings of 2019's slow summer.

There's a lot to take in over the course of 17 hours. Make sure you don't miss these quiet highlights of the journey on SBS VICELAND this Saturday.
Slow TV has a proposition for you: the promise of ‘head orgasms’. Could it be the herald of a new sexual revolution?
Rudyard Kipling called it the eighth wonder of the world, but truth be told, this ancient beauty has long been living a lie.
Welcome to your natural time machine.
Your guide to the stunning scenery featured in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ trilogies.
From ancient history to ruminations about the modern class divide, a trip along the UK’s canal network can turn up some interesting things.
Follow the principles of slow living so you don't lose hours in an Instagram black hole.

Behind every Slow Summer

The stories of the people who drive the slow summer.

It was three glorious hours of a train travelling from one side of the country to the other. And it gave Australia many thoughts!
Could Slow TV become a form of meditation for a generation conditioned to experience the world through screens?
What does it take to produce a slow TV experience? Nick & Dan go behind the scenes with producer Adam Kay.
“We’ve been through everything together and she’s my soulmate."

The Ghan

The only thing more relaxing than a ride on The Ghan is watching it from your lounge.

Last night Australia discovered Slow TV and fell in love with The Ghan as it traveled across our sunburned land.
Where did this big train come from? Besides Adelaide, obviously...
The idea of filming an iconic train travelling across the outback sounds simple, but was a complex production following the 2997km train journey.
If 'The Ghan' has whet your appetite for epic rail, here are seven long-haul trips that compare favourably with the Australian classic.
For close to a century, 'Murder on the Orient Express' has been the ultimate train adventure. Until now.
Who needs instant gratification? The Ghan is happy to take its time and give you a moment to pop into the kitchen for a cup of tea.
Three hours of Australia's iconic rail journey The Ghan debuts on SBS Sunday 7 January - with no commercials.
The production teams that made Slow Summer possible

While the concept of a slow TV event following a train sounds simple, the logistics of capturing it for television required the hard work of a talented production team.