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The landmark observational documentary returns to SBS to highlight issues of disadvantage in rural and regional Australia.

How you can help

Life in regional Australia comes with its own set of challenges. Here’s how you can help those who need it.

Exploring poverty

Many Australians are at risk of falling upon hard times. 

The landmark series premieres on Wednesday 9 October at 8.30pm with a focus on the Riverina region of New South Wales.
Here's what you need to know about managing costly living expenses on a low income.
After a huge outpouring of support from viewers who saw the story on SBS's Struggle Street, Michelle can now afford to take daughter Jessica to the US for crucial...
It can happen more quickly than you think – you hurt your back, lose your job and suddenly your career and savings disappear. This is the story of how one woman...
Here’s why you should think twice before you pass judgement on someone's right to own a smartphone or other ‘luxury’ item.
Many older women living in Australia are at risk of poverty. SBS explains how life events like divorce and workplace inequities can compile to take a heavy toll...
What does the future hold for 40,000 workers who lost their jobs with the end of Australia’s car manufacturing industry?
The Truth About Poverty
The experts help us bust the myth that 'poverty doesn't exist in Australia'
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Understanding disadvantage

Delve deeper into the key social issues affecting millions of Australians. 

Here are the people you’ll meet on season 3 of ‘Struggle Street’.
While Australia’s collective wealth is at an all time high, almost 3 million Australians currently live below the poverty line. SBS explores whether Australia is...
Many of the stereotypes about poverty in Australia don’t stand up to scrutiny. SBS Life busts seven popular myths about disadvantage.
Australia is a large continent with vast land and thin population. Approximately 70 per cent of the Australian population lives on the eastern coastline and...
Want to help people in need? Mission Australia's James Toomey explains why donations and volunteers are essential to delivering services to disadvantaged people...

Everyday lives

Personal stories of hardship.

Payday lenders are one of the only sources of fast cash for many low-income households caught in a cycle of debt.
Mental illness is a major cause of poverty. Or is it?
Not all millennials fit the 'entitled brat' stereotype. In fact, many are struggling financially to keep their head above water.
For refugees fleeing violence or unrest, Australia is their safe place. But do we offer everything they need?
Born into a loving but 'broke with a capital B household', Dilvin Yasa recounts the way her childhood has impacted her life as an adult and most importantly, as a...

Challenge stereotypes

Look beyond the typical representations of disadvantage. 

Stick thin, sunken eyes, blistered sores, violent rages; how accurate our perceptions of ice addicts? We get the facts from a drug expert.
How do people survive living on around $440 a week or just over $20,000 a year? One woman shares her story.
It can happen more quickly than you think – you hurt your back, lose your job and suddenly your career and savings disappear. This is the story of how one woman...
Poverty really can happen to anyone at any time, even people who grew up to be global celebrities.
Poverty can happen to anyone. Here are just three stories of people who overcame disadvantaged circumstances.

Busting the myths

It's time to bust some popular myths about disadvantage.

Is it fair to accept - without question - the statement that 'if you try ice once, you’re hooked'?
Many people believe that poverty doesn’t exist in Australia. The experts tell SBS otherwise and bust this myth with hard facts and real life experience.
Myth: If you’re addicted to drugs you are a lost cause. Fact: If people battling an addiction get the right help, it’s very possible for them to make a full...
Evidence suggests that our mental health is significantly shaped by the social, economic and physical environment in which we live.
Among the country’s most disadvantaged residents are New Zealanders who don’t qualify for government-funded social housing, homelessness services and income...